New Parenting Studies Show Toddlers Like Cake and Candy

23 months.

Call it a trend. Call it a common trait of the children of Generation Y. Call it what you like:

Studies are consistently showing that when given the chance to eat cake or candy over vegetables, toddlers are choosing the sweets every time.

Nick Shell, a father of a 23-month-old son, expands on the phenomenon:

“With my son Jack’s 2nd birthday coming up next week, we received a large padded envelope from my sister-in-law in Pennsylvania. My son was so excited to open the package after hearing my wife and me tell him it was for his birthday,” Shell explains.

“It’s not that he was disappointed with his new outfit or his die cast metal Thomas the Train toy, but for about ten minutes after opening the package, he continued looking around the room for the cake he assumed came with the package too.”

Raising his son in a lifestyle of strict vegetarianism and avoidance of processed foods, even juice, the toddler boy had never really eaten candy up until last week at Halloween.

“We were so proud of Jack for eating his green beans after dinner last night that we rewarded him with some leftover Halloween M&M’s. After the first few, he kept resonding, ‘I try? I try again.’

Shell goes on to tell that after his son saw a package box of cake mix in the car ride home from the grocery store, his son Jack insisted of holding the box tightly to his chest.

Jack soon began crying when he opened the box to find there was not actually prepared cake inside, but instead only the cake mix.

Little Jack Shell is only one of many toddlers out there who has a slight obsession with sugary foods.

So the next time you hear of a toddler throwing a tantrum because they can’t have a Snickers bar at the grocery store check-out, don’t be surprised.

This sort of thing is happening a lot these days. It’s official:

Toddlers have a sweet tooth.

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  1. by IceCreamFunk

    On November 22, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Really? We need a study to tell us kids like cake and candy?