Is There An Echo In Here Or Is That Just My Son Mimicking Me?

23 months.

From what I remember about the Eighties, and maybe I’m making this up, but I feel like there was this plush parrot toy that immediately repeated whatever you just said. You didn’t even have to squeeze its wing to make it do it.

Well, that’s what my 23-month-old son currently reminds me of.

One night Jack had just gotten out of the bath and was stumbling around the bathroom, in desperate need of sleep.

“He’s like a drunk baby,” I commented to my wife.

“Drunk… baby,” Jack repeated.

What made it especially hilarious is that he said it so monotone and melancholy, like Ben Stein, or at best, a sad cartoon puppy.

Now I know I can’t say “drunk baby” out loud in front of him.

I also realize now that one of my wife’s catchphrases is, “That’s creepy.” Whether referring to a segment on the local news about a haunted ghost tour or just driving down the road and seeing vultures eating the remains of a possum, Jack recognizes the phrase as something he needs to include in his vocabulary.

There’s something funny about a toddler saying, “That’s creepy.”

He doesn’t know the word “scary” yet, but he knows “creepy.”

Last weekend while on vacation in California with my wife’s family, we had to keep reminding everyone that Jack would definitely repeat any new words he heard.

And he did.

Hopefully he’ll forget all about “the s-word” for a while.

While Jack can decently repeat any phrase he hears, that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows the meaning of the words he uses. I assume that eventually comes next.

As for now, he is having fun repeating the words he hears adults use. And to be honest, I’m having fun hearing him repeat all the random stuff I say throughout the course of a day.

For example, at this point could I probably teach him to say, “Beam me up, Daddy?”

Yes, and I shall.

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