The Aftermath Of My Toddler’s 2nd Halloween

23 months.

I sit on the couch in the dark with a lame Halloween movie on in the background and my sleeping wife by my side.

Right now it’s 9:36 PM in the quiet neighborhood of Walnut Grove, California, where we are visiting my wife’s family for our annual family “vacation.”

(It’s no secret that when the word “vacation” and “toddler” are in the same sentence… well, it’s pretty much a prompt for laugh tracks.)

After sifting through our 23 month-old son’s candy stash from tonight, I am buzzed on peanut butter cups and everything else chocolate.

As for Jack’s own candy peddling efforts, which brought me to my current state of cocoa delirium, we visited about a dozen houses before he saw the fire truck there to help patrol the neighborhood. A friendly fireman agreed to take our family picture. (Bottom photo.)

Just a couple of hours ago before I put him to bed, Jack was at the front door helping giving candy to “the kids.”

It was really funny because every time the door bell rang, he ran to the door, anxious to see what strangely dressed child would be standing there.

My favorite was a little boy who wasn’t much older than him, wearing a Thomas the Train costume.

The boy saw Jack wearing his train conductor costume and shouted out to this mother, “Look! He’s a train conductor! A train conductor!”

Then things got semi-awkward as the little boy saw the toy train that Jack was holding. He assumed that in addition to candy, Jack was going to give him a train too.

Thomas the Train and the train conductor stared at each other for a long 15 seconds before the boy’s mom took him by the hand to leave for the next house.

It’s a weird, random “holiday” anyway.

Looking back on this past week of Halloween, these past couple of days in particular have included family neighborhood walks where the agenda has been “looking for owls.”

For Jack, ghosts are owls.

I finally only recently realized that every time Jack saw a ghost decoration or toy, I always made a Scoobie Doo style “whoooooo” sound.

So I get it now: Ghosts sound like owls and therefore, they are owls.

Well, this isn’t the end of Halloween for us, or Jack’s costume, at least. He has his first¬†(of two) 2nd birthday parties this weekend.

We decided what better outfit could Jack wear for his birthday parties other than his train conductor costume? After all, his birthday parties this year will have a train theme.

So these are only the first of many more pictures of Train Conductor Jack.

I guess you could say we’re going green when it comes to Halloween, as we will be reusing his costume. Of course, I have a feeling that Jack wouldn’t mind dressing like a train conductor every day if we let him.

Actually, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

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