Losing Sleep Over Where My Son Will Sleep (Part 2)

23 months.

Thank God. We are in the middle of our vacation week and Jack is sleeping all the way through the night.

It’s because of readers who commented on “Losing Sleep Over Where My Son Will Sleep (Part 1)” that we decided on our son’s sleeping arrangements while we’re staying out here in California:

We have pushed two twin beds together. One is against a wall, where Jack sleeps, and it is bordered with big pillows.

From the very first night, this system has worked well. I have no complaints and have experienced no stress in regards to Jack sleeping.

In fact, he almost sleeps better this way. Last night he slept for 12 and a half hours!

The first morning I was so happy that I promised to get him a treat.

We drove by a party store and let him pick out two Made-in-China plastic animals that cost 35 cents each, as well as, a 65 cent mini Rubik’s Cube.

For his animals, Jack chose another horse and sheep that looks like he peed over itself; it has a yellow underbelly. (Pictured right.)

So I haven’t turned into the Incredible Hulk and the three of us are very well rested on our vacation.

Use me as your Guinea Pig. If you are planning a vacation with a toddler who doesn’t sleep well in new environments, try what I did.

Put pillow borders around a bed that is against a wall and stick to your child’s normal bedtime rituals.

I’m not saying that we haven’t had a share of other behavioral issues since we’ve been here, though.¬†Stay tuned for an upcoming post referring to India Syndrome.

But as long as everybody’s getting sleep here, I’ve got no complaints.


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  1. by Joe

    On November 1, 2012 at 8:18 pm


    Am I the only one that thinking, ‘chill out dude’?

    You’re overthinking it.

    And if you’re an ‘expert’ on child sleep, can you tell me what the arguments are for co-sleeping (and saving a heck of a lot of worry and ‘hulk-time’?)

    Not trying to be confrontational or contrarian, just commonsense.

    Your old foil ;-) ,