Why This Dad Supports Proposition 37, The Food Labeling Bill

23 months.

I happen to be on vacation right now in California, and couldn’t help but notice the continuous TV ads either praising or demonizing the state’s Proposition 37.

It is a food labeling bill that would force companies selling genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) to make this clear in their labels, to notify potential consumers.

To research both sides of the controversy, visit CA Right to Know and No Prop 37.

However, if you would like to hear my extremely biased perspective, keep reading.

This is a subject I am passionate about. It’s a personal issue for me which I have written about several times before.

My family has been vegetarian for nearly a year now; to the best of our knowledge, that is.

Honestly, I am less concerned about knowing whether my food has GMO’s and more concerned about knowing what actually is in my food. But I know that if Proposition 37 is passed, it will provide a greater chance for a future of more honest food labeling, in general.

Back in February, I published an article named “Is ‘Natural’ Vanilla Flavoring Really From Beavers’ Anal Glands?

What a silly and ridiculous question to have to ask. But the the truly silly and ridiculous thing was that the answer was, and still is, an assumed yes.

I want the confidence of knowing that my son isn’t eating food that was “naturally” flavored by the anal glands of a beaver.

Not to mention, pudding and gelatin are made from the skin and bones of cows and pigs; not vegetarian or kosher.

Oh, and the red food dye Crimson Lake comes from parasite bugs. I applaud Starbucks for agreeing to stop using Crimson Lake in their drinks earlier this year.

Why did Starbucks implement the change? Because it’s what some of their vegan and vegetarian customers asked for.

Similarly, there are Californians who want their food growers to be less candid as well.

If you have Netflix, watch Food, Inc. It’s a very well-produced documentary that helps us understand, as well as question, what’s actually in our food and where our food comes from. You will understand why people like me cringe at the mention of the name Monsanto.

Then it will be that much more interesting that Monsanto is currently the top financial donator against Prop 37, having already spent over $7 million to campaign against it.

I also highly recommend taking look at this list of the top donors, both for and against the bill.

Let me be the first to admit Proposition 37 isn’t perfect. I have extracted this quote from No Prop 37, a website that is against the food labeling bill:

“Prop. 37 is full of absurd, politically motivated exemptions that make no sense. It requires special labels on soy milk, but exempts cow’s milk. Dairy products, eggs, meat and poultry are all exempt. Fruit juice requires a label, but alcohol made with some of the same GE ingredients is exempt.”

Good point. Proposition 37 is politically motivated and catered to protect certain groups. But I would rather have an imperfect solution than no solution.

I believe that if Proposition 37 is passed, other states will adopt similar, yet better, versions of the bill.

In closing, please know that I welcome all comments on Proposition 37, especially from people who completely disagree with me.

If you believe my opinion is wrong, let me know why. Use this article as a platform for your biased perspective, as I have just done.

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