Is My Child’s Blonde Hair Finally Turning Brown?

23 months.

It never made sense in the first place that our son would have blonde hair, coming from a lineage of Italian and even Mexican descent.

But we couldn’t have known any better. Jack is our first and only child, so far.

So when his hair began turning platinum blonde after a few months of being born, we figured his strange hair color was just as random as his blue eyes.

Sure, there were a few parents who nonchalantly tried to tell me that it’s actually quite common for a toddler’s blonde hair to go darker when they grow older.

I figured my son was the exception.

But look at his hair.

You can see the remaining platinum blonde amidst the now brown sprouting through. It’s morphing from blonde to champagne gold; eventually to become brown.

It’s like the opposite of an adult whose hair is growing gray.

Lesson learned: If you’re a first-time parent with a child whose hair is light blonde, nothing permanent is promised when it comes to hair color.

That’s just how a young child’s hair grows in.

Enjoy the novelty of it while you can. Chances are, eventually your child’s hair will turn some shade of brown.

Be surprised at the unlikelihood of your child having blonde hair.

Just know that at some point, whether it’s near the 2-year mark like with my son, or whether it’s 10 years, unless you or the other parent has blonde hair, your child probably will have darker hair.

I look at the darkest splotches of my son’s hair and now realize that that is what color his hair will actually be when it’s all said and done.

You are looking at a picture of a little boy will have dark brown hair, just like his dad.

Nothing lasts forever, like the cold November rain. And my son’s blonde hair.

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  1. by Meredith

    On November 1, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Both of my parents were born with blonde hair that became brown. My sister’s blonde hair has stayed, though its darker than when we were kids. I was the only one born a brunette!