Morbid Thoughts On Leaving Behind My Legacy Through My Child

23 months.

A few months ago during brunch, a friend was giving me some reasons why my wife and I should have another child. I guess for most normal people, it would have been a simple concept that was relatable.

But for me, well, I’m still trying to sort out what I’m supposed to make of what he said:

“Each time you have a child, it’s like another way you leave behind your legacy.”

I’ve thought about it for at least 90 days. My internal response is still the same as it was back on the day I first processed that concept:

What do I care what people say and think about me generations from now?

Let’s face it: A hundred years from now, we’ll all be dead.

Even more morbid is the fact that while there are 8 billion alive on the Earth today, a lot more than that have already lived and died.

I guess somehow that’s the reason I don’t care so much about leaving behind my legacy through my child.

Because what matters to me most is the living legacy I provide for my family. How in this moment and day can I be the best dad for my son that I can be?

It’s funny how it never takes anything too extravagant. It just takes being there for him, through the mundane times more so than the notably special ones.

For me, I don’t ever think how I will be remembered a century from now. If these yet-to-be-born-strangers are really that curious, maybe the Internet as we know it will still exist and they can just Google me or look up my Facebook profile.

Just as we all live together at the same time, we’ll all be dead together too.

So for the people I matter to in this life, I want to share my legacy with now, in present day, not leave it behind after I’m gone.

I’d rather be alive and influential than dead and famous.


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