Why Being An Alabama Football Fan Is Easy (For People Who Like Winning)

21 months.

Last week I experienced a huge milestone moment in fatherhood: My son got his first ball!

Well, almost. It was actually his stuffed giraffe toy; but either way, I threw it to him, and he caught it.

This is something I have been practicing with him for months now. Whether it’s a miniature football, soccer ball, tennis ball, or just a cheap inflatable made-in-China ball from the $1.08 bin at Wal-Mart, I throw it to Jack every time we play.

Usually, he just gets hit in the head, or face, or chest, then laughs.

But after throwing all his toy balls at him one right after another, I reached for his toy giraffe, which was the closest toy in reach, and threw it to him like a ball.

And Jack caught it!

I was, and still am, so proud of him. I’m not over it yet. It was as magical as the first time he said “Bye bye Dada.”

Being his athletic mentor is something I’m very excited about.

This past weekend we spent some time in one of the little fenced-in basketball practice courts at our church.

Jack already knew he was supposed to throw the basketball in the hoop as soon as I handed him a ball.

He would run up and stand underneath the net, look up at it, calculate his throw, then throw the ball up at the net.

Granted, the ball only went up in the air about 2 inches each time, but Jack kept trying every time to throw that ball in the hoop.

I admired his heart. It was charming to see.

With all this being said, my family is not actually big into watching sports. However, we know who our team is:

The University of Alabama. Yes, the Crimson Tide.

Sure, I was born and raised in Alabama. Yes, from infancy, my uncle made sure I always had Roll Tide clothing to wear; as he now does with Jack.

But it’s not just because Alabama is my home state or because I was born into a Roll Tide family.

It’s because Alabama is clearly the best college football team.

Sometimes it’s cool to root for the underdog, but when it comes to college football, I’d rather just be a fan of the obvious legendary, champion team instead.

I like how in Jack’s day care center, he and his pal Sophie are the only Alabama fans. (Jack has an Alabama jersey and Sophie has an Alabama cheerleading uniform.

His teachers have (jokingly?) made me aware that they don’t like to see him bring his red cup with the Alabama mascot on it.

They have threatened to replace it with a University of Tennessee one instead.

Could be worse. At least it’s not Auburn.

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