Parents’ Day 2012: Why We Really Are(n’t) Heroes

20 months.

Watching news coverage of the Aurora shooting reminds me of what a true hero says when they are asked the cliche TV interviewer question, “Would you consider yourself a hero?”

The person always responds with, “I’m no hero. I saw someone who needed help so I helped them. No, I’m not a hero.”

When we see these stories where everyday citizens help save the lives of a strangers in the midst of an accident or a tragedy, which in this case meant pulling injured victims to safety out of the line of fire in that movie theatre, we feel gratitude knowing that there are people all around us willing to become real life heroes when the moment arises.

Just like the way a real leader doesn’t have to go around proclaiming their authority, nor does a real hero announce their deeds.

Today is Parents’ Day. (Yes, it is an actual American holiday.)

Most of us have probably never ran inside a burning building to save someone’s life. But as parents, we’re still saving someone’s life everyday.

We sacrifice a whole lot to not only keep our children alive each day (which is sort of the bare minimum goal) but are also constantly teaching them how to survive when we’re not around. And when I say “survive” I don’t just mean physically.

I also mean socially and psychologically. Without our guidance, instruction, and discipline, how would they function?

Yet, do we really consider ourselves as heroes? I sure don’t. My child needs my help so I help him. That’s it.

You can’t refuse to take care of your child because then you wouldn’t be a parent anymore.

But I say, you are a parent, and therefore, you are a hero. You are Supermom. You are Superdad.

Even if you won’t admit it.


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