I’m A Cool Rockin’ Daddy In The USA… For Now

19 months.

No matter how cool of a dad I may be in my son’s eyes now, I’m led to believe that will all change about a decade or so from now.

But as for the time being, Jack looks to me as a leader in many aspects on how to be a guy. A cool guy, might I add.

While playing “Animals” with him, if I place a chicken on top of a horse on top of a truck, he will instantly repeat that awesome thing his dad just did.

Jack thinks all the cool kids have a blow-up mattress in their living room, which serves as a necessary wrestling mat. Because his dad set one up for him.

And several years from now, when I teach him to play Chess with me, I’m sure it will become our mutual obsession. Same thing goes for when I help him become the only kid in his class to solve a Rubik’s Cube… in less than 3 minutes.

Unless I’m the exception to the rule, then in theory, at some point I will stop being considered cool with the age 18 to 35 demographics.

As a modern young dad, wearing plaid or cargo shorts is in style. Wearing pleated khaki shorts, on the other hand, is not.

Similarly, being a fan of Dave Matthews Band and Jason Mraz means I have good taste in music.

But at some point, will my love for their music be a sign that I’m out of touch with what is cool?

Granted, I’ll never be a skinny jeans kind of guy. So if that’s what’s cool, I’ve already missed that boat. (Fortunately!)

But for now, I’m a 31 year-old dad who assumes the culture of a 25 year-old guy; minus the iPhone.

Jack thinks I’m the coolest guy in the world, even if┬áby default.

After all, his dad wears a Spiderman mask while chasing him around the house. And pulls him around the neighborhood in a Radio Flyer wagon.

If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

(As I if it needed saying, that’s not my cool classic car in the picture above. But at least mine isn’t the minivan next to it, either.)

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  1. by Joe

    On July 7, 2012 at 12:03 am

    The DMB reference is debatable. Where I’m from, liking Dave Matthews just means you’re 23 and smoke pot.

    That being said, I know the kind of music I listened to as a kid, and I can’t fathom what my son’s musical preferences will be…but I know that one day I’ll catch myself saying, “when I was your age…we listened to normal music like death metal and dubstep…what’s this newfangled new noise that YOU’RE playing?!?” And I’ll look in the mirror, see the gray hair, and think about the fact that I’ve become my father ;-)

  2. by Nick Shell

    On July 7, 2012 at 8:27 am

    That’s funny. Normal: death metal and dubstep!