Extreme Makeover: The Dadabase Edition

19 months.

If you’re reading this, then I assume you’re aware of The Dadabase‘s new facelift. That’s right. I’ve “had some work done.”

You’ve probably noticed the new logo, the quicker load time of the web page, the easier-to-read font, and sleeker overall look. But that’s just the surface of the updated Dadabase.

Because more importantly, navigation is easier than ever now; so is your ability to share a Dadabase article if you feel so inclined.

Or maybe you just want to subscribe to this blog and be instantly notified whenever I publish a new post.

Well, Christmas/Hanukah has come early this year. Because you can do all those things. Let me steer you through it.

Look at the top of this (and every) actual blog post. You see an option to instantly “like” it on Facebook, publicly recommend it on Google, share it on Facebook, Tweet it, or even directly email it with ease. Try it out right now if you wish.

Now look to the right side of the screen. It says “Search This Blog.” Was there a time a while back when you remember me writing about circumcision or Cheers or Smurfs and want to revisit that exact post?

Now you can. Type in any random word you can think of, and there’s a good chance I’ve written about it in my now 400+ Dadabase articles.

Try me. See if I haven’t mentioned the Dharma Initiative or gay marriage yet. I dare you.

There’s an option to pull up my articles from a certain category, too. Feeling nostalgic? There’s a category for that. Deep thoughts? Got ‘em.

Okay, now you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m a little bit obsessed with time travel. If you share my same lust for going back in time, I have something to fill that void in your life: An “Archives” option.

You can click the month and year you want; going all the way back to April 2010 when The Dadabase was first launched with the announcement of my wife being pregnant.

Keep in mind that since I always tell how old Jack is (or how far along Jill was in her pregnancy) at the top of each article, you can figure out what was going on here at that time.

Right now in June/July 2012, Jack is 19 months. If your kid is 9 months old, do the math. Then click on the right month and year and there you have it.

Maybe I have already been there, done that, and got the Bedazzled sweatshirt. Find out if I am able to enlighten you with my past experiences as a parent.

And if you feel the need to further inflate my ego, there’s conveniently a section called “Follow Nick Shell.”

Go to straight to The Dadabase’s Facebook page. Or Twitter page. Or subscribe to The Dadabase. Or email me directly.

I just realized how easy I’ve made it for  you to stalk me right now. Oops.

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