Dad Approved: Free Printable Father’s Day Coupons!

A year and a half.

I remember over 20 years ago receiving “Mommy Coupons” in elementary school to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. They were cheap-looking and Xeroxed.

Fortunately, things have changed since 1991. Because now, you can not only get your very own “Daddy Coupons” but they’re in color! Plus, they’re very easy to obtain.

Just click here and print them instantly.

Don’t they look cool? These Daddy Coupons are the perfect accessory to your children’s Father’s Day gift this weekend.

You know the best thing about them? They put me in charge of making up what the coupons are for. (Yeah, that’s me… the guy in this picture rockin’ a diaper bag like it’s an electric guitar, not a purse.)

In case you’re not familiar with what Daddy Coupons are, they’re tokens that can be redeemed as acts of service from child to dad.

Most importantly, these Daddy Coupons create an opportunity for your kids to show their thankfulness and gratitude to their father by physically demonstrating in simple ways that they love him.

Let me run through the 6 Daddy Coupons to help give some background on my intentions for each one:Father's Day Coupons

1 Hour Uninterrupted Nap Time: I came up with this one first for a reason- because it’s my favorite. Man, on 2nd thought, I should have made it a 2 hour, or maybe 4 hour, nap.

1 Free Favorite Dinner: The idea I had in mind here is that the kids help Mommy prepare and cook Daddy’s favorite meal. But maybe it would be more fun just to go out to eat at Daddy’s favorite restaurant or order in from there? Your call.

1 Free Week Off Trash Duty: Was it sexist of me to assume it should be one of Dad’s jobs to take out the trash, as needed? Well, I’m okay with that.

1 Dad’s Choice Game Day: Whether it means watching a weekend game on TV with dad, going out to the park to throw a frisbee, or playing Daddy’s favorite game on the Wii… just have fun!

1 Week Free Beverage Service: I think of some outdated image from a 1960′s magazine ad where Dad comes home from a hard day’s work and is greeted with an appropriate beverage… whatever that happens to be in your household. This Daddy Coupon, along with the next one, is a bit on the silly side. But I think a classic (and now irrelevant) throwback to black-and-white TV fatherhood makes things fun for everyone. Especially Dad.

1 Week Free Slipper Delivery: Imagine Daddy being ushered into his slippers and robe (and golden crown?) by his children for a week. Do you have that ridiculous image in your head? Good. That’s why this Daddy Coupon made it to the list.

Unfortunately, there was only room for 6 coupons. In case you are wondering which Daddy Coupon didn’t make the cut…

1 Free Year Toenail Clipping Service: Because, hey, how could that possibly go wrong? Ouch!

Happy Father’s Day from The Dadabase and Parents!

Here’s that link again to print off your magical Father’s Day Coupons.

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