My Son, The 80′s Child Actor: Jared Rushton?

A year and a half.

Does my son look like the best friend from the movie Big?

In the summer of 1988, my mom took me to see my first non-kids’ movie, Big, starring Tom Hanks.

I remember the anticipation the week leading up to going to the cinema: I didn’t really care what the movie was about.

All I knew was this was the first time my mom wanted to go see a movie on her own initiative and wanted to see it with me, so I was happy to join her even though the main character wasn’t a talking animal or at least a Muppet.

Turns out, Big has remained one of my very favorite movies ever, ever, ever.

Very easily I could write a blog post called “10 Reasons That Big Is One Of The Best Movies Of The Eighties.”

If I did, one of the reasons I would list was Tom Hanks’ interactions with Jared Rushton, the child actor who played his best friend, Billy Kopecki.

For me, the movie just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for that scene were Jared Rushton starts crying when he realizes that Tom Hanks really is the grown-up version of his best friend.

So I think it’s really interesting that within the past few months, I’ve had two people who don’t even know each other, tell me that my son Jack “looks like the best friend from Big.”

After going through the first 9 pages of Google images for “Jared Rushton Big” I admit I see the resemblance. It’s very subtle, but I ¬†also think it’s undeniable.

I mean, all of the random actors in all the movies in history, for two separate people to pinpoint “the best friend from Big” as my son’s look-alike, I think there must be something to it.

It would really be interesting if in a few years Jack starts resembling Jared Rushton even more.

What do you think? Do you see it?

And if the real Jared Rushton is out there reading this, now at age 38, I’d appreciate your input on this as well.


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