Do All Little Boys Naturally Know To Make Car Sounds?

17 months.

If it has wheels, Jack has to get his hands on it. And when he does, he always imitates a motor sound: “Vvvrroooo…”. Not to mention the sounds of screeching tires every couple of seconds.

But where did he learn this? Not from me.

The first time he picked up a toy with wheels and rolled it across the floor, he knew to make motor sounds. It was as if that knowledge were incepted into his brain.

Sure, it’s very possible he learned to do this at daycare.

However, my wife has talked to other fellow moms whose sons don’t attend daycare and still made “car sounds” the moment they started playing with their first toy car.

So I wonder: Do all little boys naturally know to make car sounds?

A couple of weekends ago, we were at Walmart (which for us, is extremely rare and random) and Jack started running toward a toy display. Without hesitation, he picked up a black and burgundy street racer; the kind of car you’d see featured on The Fast And The Furious 7 or whatever sequel they’re up to now.

“You want that car, Jack? That’s a cool-looking one.” I looked at the “roll back” price of 88 cents. “Yeah son, we’ll get you that car.”

Jill and I both seemed to have this fun parenting moment as we headed over to the check-out counter and realized, “Hey, our boy likes cars now. We’re officially at that stage.”

As you can see in the picture below, he’s really proud of his very first Hot Wheels car.

He dines with it: One hand holds the spoon while the other holds the toy car. He takes it with him whenever we leave the house. He even sleeps with it; clenched tightly in his hand, next to Elmo.

It’s amazing how many “battle scars” that car already has on it. You would think he ran it through gravels, the way the paint is already etching off.

If I’m lucky, by Christmas he’ll be ready for one of those awesome Hot Wheels racing tracks where we can find out which of his cars are really the fastest and the most furious.

Naturally, car sounds will be made by both father and son.



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  1. by Caitlyn

    On May 3, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    We’re expecting our third in November and my husband is praying for a boy(we’ve got 2 girls) just so he can share moments like these with him. He comes from a long line of formula one, street car, dirtbike and motorcycle racers so hearing his son make car sounds seemingly without instruction would probably get him almost as excited as the first “Dada”. We buy him Hot Wheels tracks as gag gifts and ever since he found out we’re expecting, he refuses to open the boxes because he wants to make sure they’re in full working order in case we have a boy. ;) I’m so excited for your Christmas and the Fast and Furious parking garage-worth of Father Son car noises that will fill your house!

  2. by Roberta Bailie

    On May 3, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    I have an 18month old daughter- SHE makes the vroom vroom noises when faced with a steering wheel- where on earth did she learn to do that? Children are amazing! Such blessings.

  3. by Nick Shell

    On May 3, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Tell your husband I’m rooting for him to get his boy!