Top 5 Most Bromantic Boys’ Dolls Of The 1980′s

15 months.

The Eighties made it okay for boys to play with dolls. Yes- soft, plush toys. We didn’t care; we were simply blinded by all that masculinity.

It was all for the best, though. As adults, we are now the first generation of dads who change their kids’ diapers un-ironically and actually take offense that anyone would say we are simply babysitting when we take care of our kids in public sans the wifey.

Maybe subconsciously we learned, as boys of the 80′s, that we could participate in social activities traditionally reserved for females, given some minor adjustments. Well, here we are as dads in our late 20′s and early 30′s and guess what?

We still have balls. Madballs, that is. (Featured above.)

According to my version of childhood, here are the top 5 most bromantic boys’ dolls of the 1980′s:

1. My Buddy (1985). Nothing says bromance like this assumed inspiration for the movie Child’s Play. It’s not surprising that I never heard of any of my friends being teased for carrying My Buddy around. After all, he did have a pretty cool theme song. Wherever I go, he goes…


2. Teddy Ruxpin (1985). Rockin’ khaki vest over a burgundy undergarment? Check. Built-in cassette player? Check. Motorized mouth so you can stick your finger in and let him “bite” you? Check! Show-N-Tell during the Eighties meant that half the class brought in the same talking bear. Today, my son plays with the modern version: My Pal Scout by Leapfrog.


3. My Pet Monster (1986). Here is the epitome of “boys’ doll no one can tease you about.” Just look at this fella: Horns, purple hair, gangly teeth, and hands bound in chains. This was one toy you didn’t have to worry about your little sister trying to take when you weren’t looking.


4. Care Bears (1983). Nothing says “I love you, man” like a bear who wears his feelings on his sleeve… or tummy. Sure, the Care Bear I owned was orange and had flowers on his stomach, but just watch out for the Care Bear Stare! Plus, there’s something something pretty tough about having a heart tattoo on your butt.


5. Popples (1986). These furry, friendly, little marsupials (?) gained man points with their ability to morph; which was evidently important to us boys of the Eighties. Popples were evidently what happened when Transformers mated with Care Bears. To add to the testosterone factor, there were certain ones that turned into your favorite sports ball. Tennis, anyone?

Still feeling nostalgic? There is a rumor that I’m working on “Top 5 Most Butt-Kicking Action Figures Of The 1980′s.” But I’ll probably only do it even I feel enough bromantic friendship vibes coming in from my readers…

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