Cooler As An Uncle Than As A Dad

One year.

My sister and her husband drove in from Alabama for Jack’s first birthday, bringing their now 4 month-old daughter, who is Jack’s only cousin on my side of the family. I had barely seen her in person since she was born; right before we moved back to Nashville during the summer.

As far as how she and Jack would get along, I had no doubts in their inevitable mutual curiosity of each other, like Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby. But I really wasn’t so sure how she would react to me, her uncle.

All I have is a son, so my only fatherly instincts for interacting with a little girl are to treat her like I treat Jack- like a boy.

Right off the bat, I gave her my best Freddy Krueger/evil possum face. You can see from the picture (above) how she reacted. In other words, she… liked it?

Evidently so. Next I put her on one of Jack’s new toys (featured below) which happens to be completely age inappropriate for a 4 month-old little girl. She started riding it. Jack helped push her.

Once she finally wanted off the V-Teach Zebra Scooter, I picked her up and held her (to the right), the same awkward man-handling way I do Jack.

My mom, in amazement, told me it was extremely rare for a person other than my sister or her husband to hold her… not even my mom or dad.

So I’m the cool uncle? Hey! I’m the cool uncle!

Instantly I had a flashback from when Jack was just a few months old, how my brother-in-law could do the slightest little things to make him laugh. Now, I get to be the magic trick-doer of an uncle.

As Jack’s dad, he is simply used to me. Sure, I make him laugh everyday. I also make him cry when he doesn’t want to get in his car seat in the morning.

But as an uncle, my main job is to be the comic relief. I am the weird mutant dinosaur that pretends to eat babies one minute, then holds them tightly the next.

Being an uncle is easy. If only being a dad was like that.

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