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Real-Life Dads Finally Get Their Due

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

My husband (an awesome dad!) regularly gripes about how dads are portrayed in the media. And he has a point—it seems like the media image of dads hasn’t progressed beyond the “doofus dad” mode, even after a major diaper brand took the heat for insulting dads by showing them as completely incompetent when it comes to diaper changing. (Heck, even manly-man actor Channing Tatum spent a good part of an interview crowing about his diaper-changing prowess!)

Maybe there are pockets of these retro, hands-off dads out there, but all the dads I know and love are thoroughly involved in their kids’ lives—spending hours crafting Lego creations with their kiddos, taking late-night sick duty, and yes, changing diapers.  (more…)

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Check Out These Pics of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s New Baby

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson finally shared a few cute pictures of their daughter, Alijah! The first, via Instagram, is this adorable shot of everybody’s hands piled up—including big brother Hank IV and, of course, newborn Alijah. But Us Magazine scored the exclusive shots of the faces of the happy family, which you can check out on their website.

Obviously, celebrities have a whole different way of sharing shots of their newborns—no letterpressed announcements or adorable Facebook shots for them! It’s a pretty lucrative business for celebrity parents to release the first photos of their babies exclusively to magazines like People and Us. (The Jolie-Pitts scored the highest fee ever, raking in $15 million for releasing the images of the couple with their twins Knox and Vivienne. Though don’t worry that they were being greedy—they announced that they donated their fee to charities.) In fact, most of the most expensive celebrity photos out there were baby photos.

Personally, I kinda like the adorable Instagram shots that more down-to-earth stars like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt shared. (And Kendra’s cute Instagram shot we have here!)

Tell us: How did you share the first photos of your baby? Did you go with old-school mailed announcements, or Facebook or Instagram? And if you were a celeb, would you consider sharing the first photos of your baby to help you start a really nice college fund for them?

Want to see what your kiddo’s name would be if you were an A-lister? Try our Baby Fame Name Generator! And don’t forget to like All About Babies on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby news!

Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year
Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year
Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year

Image: Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett by Jaguar PS /

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Could Your Baby Help Prevent Bullying?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Babies generally don’t do much except be absolutely adorable. But in elementary schools throughout Canada, Scotland, New Zealand and now in Washington DC, a few little ones have been serving as teachers, and helping kids learn empathy. Through the Roots of Empathy program, kids in classrooms get visits from a volunteer baby (and her parent), where they get to interact with the baby, ask questions, and start a conversation about things like emotions and the reasons why a baby (or anyone) would cry.

According to an article in the Washington Post, studies of the Roots program find that it helps decrease bullying and increase helping among classmates. Still, that hasn’t stopped some experts from worrying that it’s taking resources and time away from learning other valuable skills, especially in cash-strapped school districts.

Personally, I’d love to see programs like this expand to schools around the country. I see already how kids’ attitudes improve and behaviors calm when everyone’s cooing around a classmate’s baby sister or brother—and anything that can reduce the amount of bullying that goes on in the schools is A-OK in my book. And after all, empathy and cooperation can be just as key to future success as math and language skills. My daughters’ school does something similar, with the guidance counselor’s dog stepping in for the baby in this case. I think that’s definitely helped improve behavior in some of the students.

Tell us: Would you bring your baby in to help with a program like this? Do you think spending time with babies can benefit older kids?

Check out our articles on how to bullyproof your child, and discover if your parenting style may make your child more likely to become a bully. And don’t forget to like All About Babies on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying
Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying
Back to School: Dealing With Meanness and Bullying

Image: Baby by Dmitry Lobanov/

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What?!? See What This Bride Did With Her Baby!!!

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

One bride took baby wearing to an extremely controversial extreme—and dragged her newborn baby behind her on her train! Shona Carter-Brooks of Jackson, Tennessee, secured her one-month-old daughter Aubrey into the ruffles of her Vera Wang wedding dress for her walk down the aisle. (No word on when during the festivities the baby was finally removed from her spot as a “something new” bridal accessory!)

While the couple’s friends and family have jumped onto Facebook to support their decision to trail their baby behind them in the ceremony, others have called for Child Protective Services to become involved—and I can’t say I blame them. While Shona’s baby should definitely have been part of the festivities, placing her on the train puts her in harm’s way—all it would take is someone to trip or stumble, and poor Aubrey would have been stepped on and seriously hurt. (And based on the number of footprints on my bridal dress train, it was happening a LOT at my wedding.) It would have been much easier (and safer) for Shona to just carry her daughter in her arms, have a friend or family member carry her in a moses basket or in their arms during the processional, or even put her in a cute baby carriage to push down the aisle. (I used to work at a bridal magazine, and I’ve seen all of these as perfectly lovely options for including a baby in the wedding ceremony.)

Tell us: If your children were at your wedding ceremony, how did you include them in the festivities? Would you ever consider something as extreme as carrying your baby in your bridal train?

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Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents
Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents
Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents

Image: Facebook: Mrs.Brooks2013 / Via

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U.S. Birth Rate (Finally!) on the Rise?

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Consider this a sign that the U.S. economy may finally be on track—or maybe that a few of us older moms are hearing that biological clock ticking away: The Centers for Disease Control just reported that after five years of strong and steady declines in the U.S. birth rate, we’re finally seeing a “very, very, very slight” uptick in the number of babies being born. Last year, just over 4 million babies were born here in the U.S. Most experts believe that the big drop in birth rate over the past few years can be attributed to the big drop in the economy, as fewer couples felt financially stable enough to manage the expenses that come with a baby.

The other interesting part of the report showcased the age of these new moms—and it appears more people are putting off motherhood until their 30s. That’s been the norm where I live for a while, but it appears that more women nationwide are choosing to put off family building until after they’ve finished their education and established their careers. In fact, birth rates were still falling last year for every age group except the over-30 crowd. And teen births dropped yet another 10 percent, making this the lowest number of births to teens ever. (There were 675,000 teen moms during the peak year, in 1970, while last year, just 275,000 teens gave birth.)


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