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Guess Which Celeb Dads Got an Extra-Special Father’s Day Gift?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

future-ciaraWhile most dads opened up homemade cards and neckties over the weekend, a few celeb fathers enjoyed a little something extra on their big day.

Nearly a month after giving birth to son Future, singer Ciara (finally!) shared a picture of her adorable boy. He was dressed to the nines for his debut, wearing a personalized jersey with black leather pants and matching lace-up booties. (And I thought wrangling my son into a pair of cotton pants was rough!) The big reveal was all part of a Father’s Day shout-out to fiance Future, for whom the “Body Party” singer wrote, “Hey Dad aka Big @Future. Baby Future Loves You. #HappyFathersDay.”

Not to be outdone, Kimye and their daughter were in NYC over the weekend celebrating Father’s Day and North’s birthday. The ever-fashionable tot was sporting freshly pierced ears and, naturally, a pair of diamond earrings. The studs were a mini-me version of mom Kim Kardashian’s and, presumably, a birthday gift for the one-year-old.

But it was Prince William who may have gotten the biggest treat of them all. During a charity polo match on Sunday, 11-month-old Prince George took a quick stroll using mom Kate Middleton for support. It was the first glimpse we got of the future king in action since Kate revealed last week that he had taken his first steps – and it was totally worth the wait.

Tell us: What’s your take on piercing a baby’s ears? Would you do it?

Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year
Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year
Our Favorite Celebrity Babies of the Year

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Image of Future courtesy of Ciara

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This Video of Jimmy Fallon and Winnie Can’t Be Any Cuter

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to perfectly sum up just how incredible — and exhausting! — it is to be a first-time parent. In an adorable video for, the Tonight Show host dishes on life with 10-month-old daughter Winnie Rose (he mouth-breathes during diaper changes) and how excited he is to celebrate his first Father’s Day (very).

But as funny as his stories are, it’s co-star Winnie who steals the show. One look at the two of them in matching power suits, and it’s easy to see why Fallon is so smitten. “I lucked out,” he says. “I have the best girl in the whole wide world.”

Check out the hysterical video below, including a not-to-be-missed shot of dad and daughter rocking back and forth in matching bucket swings.

Tell us: How has parenthood been for you and your partner so far? How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year?

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Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy

Image of Jimmy Fallon and Winnie Rose courtesy of

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Real-Life Dads Finally Get Their Due

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

My husband (an awesome dad!) regularly gripes about how dads are portrayed in the media. And he has a point—it seems like the media image of dads hasn’t progressed beyond the “doofus dad” mode, even after a major diaper brand took the heat for insulting dads by showing them as completely incompetent when it comes to diaper changing. (Heck, even manly-man actor Channing Tatum spent a good part of an interview crowing about his diaper-changing prowess!)

Maybe there are pockets of these retro, hands-off dads out there, but all the dads I know and love are thoroughly involved in their kids’ lives—spending hours crafting Lego creations with their kiddos, taking late-night sick duty, and yes, changing diapers.  (more…)

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