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“Itchy” Images

Friday, July 5th, 2013

static televisionMy daughter was watching a DVD when the picture froze and become distorted. I explained to her that the DVD had a scratch on it, which caused this problem. The next time the picture froze, she informed me, “Mom, television has another itch.”

Laura Beth, 3

Beth Jordan; Lacona, IA

Image: Static television via Shutterstock.

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Trash Talk

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

litter on grassWe were on a road trip, and the kids kept fighting over which DVD to watch. Fed up, my husband said, “I’m going to throw it out the window if you don’t cut it out.” My son replied, “That would be littering, Dad.”

Thomas, 4

Angie Callahan; Marietta, GA

Image: Litter on grass via Shutterstock.

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