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Ladies’ Man

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Today Jacob learned that the girl in his class, whom he had a crush on, is moving away. I was afraid to mention it not to break his heart, but all he said to me was, “I know Isabella is moving, but that’s OK because Riley, her friend, is staying.”

Jacob, 4

Vita Blough; St. Petersburg, FL

Image: Boy cutting out paper heart via Shutterstock

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Play Nice

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

After my 3 year old daughter hit her older sister, my husband asked her if she was going to hit her again, and in classic preschooler fashion, she replied, “No.” Then, she thought a bit and said, “Actually, yes, because I think I will forget.”

Ella, 3

Terri Rosen; Baltimore, MD

Image: Two sisters in a studio via Shutterstock

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Balanced Breakfast

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Here’s a breakfast conversation I had with my son:

Shaun: “Mommy, I’m still hungry. Can I have more grapes?”

Me: “You ate the last of them. Would you like a different fruit?”

Shaun: “Yes, please!”

Me: “Strawberries?”

Shaun: *thinks for a few seconds* “How about some bacon?”

Shaun, 3

Michelle Wiggins; Berwick, PA

Image: Boy eating bacon sandwich via Shutterstock

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Presidential Bunkmates

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Last year during the presidential election, my son started asking questions about all the commercials, signs and rallies he was seeing around town and on TV. I explained to him that two people were having a competition to see who would be our country’s next president. He asked me, “If they tie, can they live in the White House together and share a bunk bed?

Mason, 6

Brie Ondercin; Sarasota, FL

Image: Boys in a bunkbed via Shutterstock

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Sharing is Caring

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

My son’s teacher recently told me that one of the girls in his class kept saying he was her boyfriend. My son confessed this information was true. I panicked and said, “No, no, no — you are too young and besides you are mine all mine!” In a calm voice with one hand on each of my shoulders, he replied, “Mom, you need to learn how to share.”

Marc, 4

Loxie Wilson; Cumming, GA

Image: Boy and girl doing arts and crafts via Shutterstock

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