Sweet Spot

After a recent visit to an ice cream shop, we pointed out to our daughter that she had chocolate on her knee. Thinking it was just one of her freckles, she explained, “That’s not chocolate. Those are my polka dots.”

Caroline, 3

Kamy Beattie; Davenport, IA

Image: Little girl with ice cream via Shutterstock

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Library Learning

We were at the library enjoying story time when the librarian engaged the group in finger play songs.  My daughter did not participate but just watched everyone else.  After the third song she whispered in my ear, “You’re doing great, mom. Keep it up.”

Catherine, 4

Candice Stoneff; Ladera Ranch, CA

Image: Schoolkids and teacher via Shutterstock


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Pins and Needles

My son loves books and especially loves to read while sitting on the potty. After several books and many, many minutes, he was ready to get up, but of course his feet had fallen asleep. He stood and started stomping them. He said, “Help, Mom! My feet have sprinkles on them and I can’t get them off!”

Daniel, 4

Christina Hall; Cibolo, TX

Image: Little boy reading via Shutterstock

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Testing the Water

I took my son to kindergarten registration, which was being held at a local church. When we arrived, he asked, “Will they have to pour water on my head?”

Cole, 5

Jennifer Callison; Cornelius, NC

Image: Small Protestant church via Shutterstock

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Feeding Time

My husband and I were discussing plans for feeding our 6-week-old daughter while I went to a doctor’s appointment. Our older daughter gave me a confused look and said, “But Dad doesn’t have milk in his boobs!”

Alice, 3

Michele Panek; Bradford, PA

Image: Happy father feeding newborn via Shutterstock


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