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Part 2: Neglected Daughter is Sexually Abused by her Violent Brother

Friday, October 14th, 2011

If you tuned in on Wednesday, you met Carolann from Florida, who was neglected and violently beaten by her mentally ill mother during childhood. While she was still toddler, her brother began raping and abusing her at home and when she complained to her teacher, she was beaten again by her own mother “for telling and getting your brother in trouble.”

Carolann P. remembered, “What is sad is this is too common and no one does enough for the victims of such abuse. I remember every instance, every night. I’ve  never blocked it out although I’ve tried.”

Her frightening and degrading childhood has impacted every decision she’s made, from her hard life to the man she married. “How do I handle this, even after years and years of recovery therapy…  It cost me my marriage and some of my sanity, an emotion breakdown and hardship. Of course it has.”

Carolann wished desperately to be placed into foster care and confessed once everything to a third grade teacher.  “I was beaten when I came home for it that one but I will never forget the teachers who tried to help, gave me a safe place to do homework.  It is my belief without the help I received from perfect strangers all along my journey I would be forgotten and just another number added to the sad list of suicides in this country.”

Today she helps other victims find their voice and freedom from abuse.

“Everyone in my family inherited depression and I am the only one to receive consistent help.  I am the only one who goes for treatment. I also learned some time ago, we are all born alone. I am responsible now for my  own life … but it’s a messed up world to me.”

“After spending much of my life in recovery for something that was not my fault, I want my day in court, I want my brother to pay restitution for stealing my life away.”

“I wish I had never been born to her, I wish my mother could have had the strength to give us up for adoption to a kind family. I beg other abusive parents to do the same. I have the fondest memories of living with one foster mom for a few happy months of peace. She was the nicest person.”

“Thanks for letting me purge.”

– Carolann P. in Florida

Join me in congratulating Carolann for surviving but this abuse has got to stop. We must become more aware of these situations. Stay tuned for anti-abuse blogs next week. Hear me roar!

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