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Adoption Options for Older Parents

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Here’s the big reason I’m becoming more open (every day!) to the possibility of adoption: She is out there. Waiting. I can feel it. I almost see my new daughter if I squint off into the distance. Hold my breath. Say a little prayer.

I heard the following message on the radio the other day and had to call an adoption agency the moment I returned home: “When you adopt it certainly does not change this world. It changes, forever and always, only the world of that one child.”

Here is a short list of reasons for us not to adopt this year:

  1. I am exhausted most of the time already.
  2. My son Sam is five already and healthy and perfect. Why tempt fate?
  3. I have the freedom to travel, go out with friends, do yoga whenever I want.
  4. I’ve been sleeping through the night for four years now.
  5. Sam is easy to manage, and we have so much fun. Why ruin it?
  6. Maybe I’d never love another child as much as I love Sam.
  7. Due to our advanced age, and because we have one biological child, specific rules in many countries rule us out.

And the only reason to adopt this year? For her, for our awaiting child, wherever she may be. She needs her mommy, for starters.

Are you considering adopting a baby this year? Maybe adopt a toddler who needs you more than anything? Maybe the questions is, if you have the love and some time and can afford it, how can you not help?

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