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Loving, Gay Dads Choose Open Adoption

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

You may have seen and giggled with Tori Spelling’s gay sidekicks on her reality TV show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Early on in the series, Tori dubbed her pals “The Guncles” (Gay + Uncle) because of their close relationship with her own children, and the nickname stuck. The show is currently in production on its sixth season, which will air later this year.

Hollywood dad Bill Horn,  39, (right) remembers when he and partner Scout Masterson, 37, first knew their dream of adopting was coming true; it was natural recounting the journey on reality television.

“Just 14 months ago, Scout and I became the proud parents of Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn, a healthy, gorgeous, smart little girl who we just adore,” says Bill who co-owns a boutique marketing firm. “Our journey led us to open adoption, and we couldn’t be happier with that choice.

“We keep in close contact with Simone’s birth mother, who is a wonderful woman for many reasons, not just because she picked us,” he says. They began working with a private agency in Los Angeles less than two years ago.

Bill says, “We were also drawn to open adoption because we liked the idea of maintaining a relationship with our birth mother. We know her decision to ‘place’ was a difficult one, and we wanted to have the opportunity to share our lives with her. We’ve kept in close contact with our birth mother and we feel truly blessed. ”

Bill says, “As luck would have it, Simone was born during the season finale in season five.  The episode ends with us telling Tori and Dean that we’ve been matched with a birth mother.  When the sixth season premieres later this year, we’ll become the first gay family series regulars on reality TV.”

“Parenting Simone has been so natural, sometimes we forget we didn’t conceive her!”

Blessings to Bill and Scott, you know that child will be smart and stylin’! If you have a great adoption story, tell me.

Photo Credit:  Jessica Lewis Photography. Scott, Bill and Simone

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