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Adopting a Dog Versus Adopting a Child

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

My husband Darrin and I are actively debating the merits of adopting a new dog (it will be our second) versus adopting a new child (it will also be our second).

Darrin’s argument is: This is a ridiculous argument because they do not compare and our family will benefit immeasurably with another child.

My argument is: Another rescue dog will help daddy feel more needed, a new rescue dog will keep our dog and son busy and we may, in time, forget all about your incessant yearning for another child. Let’s just tweak our thinking!

My other valid non-ridiculous reasons for rescuing another dog over adopting a second child:

  • Dogs stop pooping in the house a long time before the new baby will.
  • Easier to leave a dog with friends for overnight Vegas trips!
  • I never really want to leave my dog in the closet when he is whining. (He never wines, he sympathizes.)
  • There are millions of unwanted dogs in Los Angeles. (There are hundreds of unwanted kids…) Much better odds on the dog.
  • Dog adoption is much cheaper. And quicker. And if you get a lemon, you only have to keep it for, what, 10 years? With a child…

What do you think about our child adoption conundrum versus a new dog adoption argument is ridiculous? Do you agree with my husband? Please vote on who seems dumber. I will accept defeat if you speak up!

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