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Adoption Bloggers Unite: “All I Want for Christmas”

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

I want an innocent adoptive daughter singing Christmas carols and tottering around the house in my silver stilettos,

Two sugary mouths sucking on candy canes while we decorate the tree that is much too big for our playroom,

An extra set of dark and expectant eyes galloping down the stairs to see what Santa brought,

(Instead of the toyshop we make purchases via  laptop.)

I want one disadvantaged daughter to be able celebrate any holiday safely without fear or instability,

I want a husband who stays healthy and loyal and charming all year long,

I also want one gloriously joyful son who still thinks mommy is a goddess. (I am.)

PS: I also want peace, love and a great dental plan (if you are listening Santa!)

Drumroll, please.
Well, she is not the daughter I imagined but she is kind and happy and pinkish.

Less than a year old and rescued  just in time for Christmas.

You cannot just give them back when they grow too big or act too destructively.

We are in it for the long haul — kids and dogs.

This new rescue dog daughter has four paws but she’s as loving as any I’ve known.

Merry Christmas, Bette Davis, welcome home to our new daughter!

Sometimes the best adoption posts have a happy simple ending and this is nearly the way we are going too end 2011: up one dog and waiting for the kid. Stay tuned in 2012!

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Lab Worker in Hospital Adopts a Preemie Two Floors Above

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Oh, this is a great story! Gina from Alabama is an adoptive parent; she and her husband tried for  years to get pregnant. She told me this week, “After an ectopic pregnancy, we had all but given up. I told God if he wanted me to have a baby then he would have to literally drop a baby  on my head because I was done, I was through, it was horrible.”

Gina worked third shift, at the time, in a hospital lab and about three months later (after her ultimatum to God!), she was working an overnight shift. Suddenly, her “work angel” in the neonatal unit two floors up told Gina there was a newborn preemie on her floor and the baby’s terrified young birth mother from another state was giving her up for adoption at 10 a.m. the following morning.

Gina remembered, “Every part of me, especially my gut, told me to act and now. NOW. The birth mother and I spoke briefly and then I called my husband, woke him from a dead sleep, to tell him that we had to make one of the most important decisions of our lives but we only had a few minutes to do it because we had to call our lawyer immediately!

“When I arrived, panting and out of breath, terrified that something had changed …  All the other babies were out on the floor with their mommies and our little 4-pound, 13-ounce angel was the only one in there and she looked so tiny in that big empty room in that hospital bassinet. Later, my husband, whispered that she had nothing to worry about, mommy and daddy were here now and we would take care of everything. When Freddy heard the door open he looked at me and then told her, “There’s your mommy now,” and it  jerked me to my knees.”

When Gina and the birth mother spoke in the hospital, Gina sobbed. “I told her that she didn’t know me but I felt our paths had crossed for a reason.  I promised her daughter a good home, a  college education, total devotion, and unconditional love forever.  I don’t know if it was the tone of my voice or the words I used but with the birth mother was convinced. The following day she signed some papers and left the state.”

That was 10 years ago, and daughter Katelyn is 10 years old and gorgeously healthy. And, yes, very nearly dropped right on Gina’s head.

I couldn’t have written a story more wonderful, rethinks Gina! Tell me your adoption story here in Comments!

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Back to School Makes Me So Sad!

Monday, September 26th, 2011

IMG_3803When I finally walked my rambunctious 5-year-old Sam into his first day of kindergarten, I was so surprised at how emotional I was, and how calm Sam was, my little guy is growing up.

Sam held my hand tightly though and finally confessed, “Mom, I’m scared by all the kids,” and he let me kiss him up before I was dismissed along with 600 other parents on that first day of public school.

Walking home, I began to pass other families also on their way to work or home and the differences between us were obvious: The happy-looking moms were holding younger kids in their arms, siblings still at home who needed their attention. Other parents did not have the luxury of feeling as heartbroken as me.

My arms are empty all day for the first time in a long, long time.

And now that my biological son Sam is 5, he suddenly wants to hang out with his dad and other kids a whole lot more than he wants to groove with me. This is a new thing for our family — before it was me and Sam against the world!

Now? He’s already closer to six years old than five. Does Sam miss me? Not so much! I stare at the toddlers still hanging on their moms, and I feel empty and sad. Where is my chubby 2-year-old who still thinks I am the moon and the stars? Who needs me more than anything in the world?

Where is she? How can I make my way to her? This weekend, my husband and I are taking another 3-hour foster-to-adopt orientation. We will be the most ready parents to a foster child in the coming months. Stay tuned as we move through our 24 hour of foster training. We start next month!

But before that my empty nest requires at least one more mouth to feed, one more heart to make whole — I still want to adopt another dog.

Please tell me your adoption story here!

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