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More Father’s Day! Remembering Mommy Tummy

Monday, June 20th, 2011

I have been lucky enough to be pregnant, and mostly what I remember of those tumultuous months is the peeing. Constantly peeing. Besides that, I remember that my hair was hormonally flaxen and luxe. I liked feeling healthy and fit throughout, too.

But the urination was ridiculous!

I craved citrus yellow foods because the lemony smells helped me battle formidable  morning sickness.  I also remember my horror the day I fit into a 34-F maternity bra! No kidding, they skip right over E to F.

At the 5-month mark of my pregnancy, I also got married to my husband, Darrin.  In the grand scheme of things, a little preggo cellulite wasn’t going to kill me on my honeymoon in Kauai.  I actually liked my changing shape, I did feel a little Goddess-like. All the old clichés you don’t want to hear if you cannot become pregnant on your own. So I’ll save them… this post isn’t about self-love during pregnancy. It’s about not wanting to do it again, and turning to adoption for child number two.

So one huge bonus about the adoption diary that is now my life? I really don’t have to worry about losing my six-pack abs this go-around. To discriminate, let’s say that I am sure I can become pregnant again in my forties, but do I want to?

I do not think I should be pregnant again because:

It will be much more difficult.

I have a terrible intuition that something will be wrong with our next baby. With Sam we had a few nail-biting weeks when our genetic testing came back funky, horrible. We had to wait weeks until we were sure those embryos growing up in a Petri dish somewhere would be semi-normal. They were finally pretty normal (92% normal was good enough for us). But I don’t care to chance it all over again, especially now that I am officially over 45.

Question: Would you become pregnant again right now if there was a one in five chance your genetic testing would come back abnormal? I am glad I went for it because Sam is perfect and magnificent… but we do worry about number two.

Happy Father’s Day out there!

Photo Credit: Sam in my belly exactly two days before I gave birth.

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