3 Adopted Kids Raped and Abused

When I first discovered this horror house in Ohio and originally reported the abuse of three young kids who not only had been raped by their adopted foster dad, but he prostituted his new kids out and a few of his depraved adult male friends also raped and abused the two young boys and a sister, all under 13.

This is one of those strange and awful true stories that takes on a life of its own, and I received so many comments back from all of the readers of The Adoption Diaries. Below, I offer you two of the most thought-provoking responses to the idea that this foster home was not investigated properly to safeguard these three innocent and wounded children.

This letter from Jeff who was also horrified — like me — that the three kids were living in his house of horror long enough to be adopted. (All three are in new foster homes FYI, and all three rapists will go to jail for a long, long time).

Jeff said, “By no means am I defending this man or the other two involved with this sickness…  But the three men involved  are not the only issue here. Why isn’t anyone holding the private adoption agency accountable?  Where were all the background  check that should have been done repeatedly? And why wasn’t there any mention of social workers doing home visits? Yes, I agree these men should be justly dealt with. But, as you know, our justice system isn’t the best thing going.  We live in a country that has become so relaxed on the issues that should be our biggest concerns and yet those issues that should be our least on the ones that our most looked at.”

And from reader Jamie who’s been in the foster care system in the USA: “This story is very sad but what I didn’t see was the obvious factor, deception. Foster parents are interviewed extensively and, in Illinois anyway, require references, a physical exam, and criminal background checks. The fact of the matter is, a predator can and will hide. Like Sandusky, we are talking about a type of person who has learned for years and years how to play people and say what is needed to get what he wants. There are very few warning signs for these types of people.”

Jamie from Illinois continued, “In Illinois, foster care and adoption workers are required to visit licensed homes at least once a month. They are required to talk to the children alone as well. The only thing that we should focus on and can focus on is what can we do to help. What can we change in the system to make it more stringent?”

Thanks readers, what else can we do to help child abuse in the foster system?

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  1. by Jamie (same as before) :)

    On August 18, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    In response to a couple of Jeff’s questions:
    1) background checks come from all areas. This includes local, state, federal, etc. The problem with background checks is that you have to have been caught! Prior to their arrests, most of the infamous criminals (Serial killers, rapists, etc) are almost always free from a major criminal history.
    2) social worker visits….while this may be a little different in Ohio, most states do not follow up much longer than a year after adoption. Even within that year, there are only a handful of visits. Why? Well, first, people who are adopting generally have already been through dozens of checks, visits to assess their home, assessments of their backgrounds, etc. Even if there were more visits, even adults who are raped generally don’t report. The majority of all abuse cases don’t become known until someone sees it happen or is suspicious about behavior, not because a child tells.
    3) why hold an agency accountable for not seeing what may not have been visible? If an agency completed their report, submitted to the judge, the attorneys, and all of those people signed off on it, the adoptive parent clearly had the ability to deceive. The sad part is that if agencies have done their due diligence but face reprucussions, adoptions will cease. The millions of people who follow the rules, including the agencies and parents, will no longer be able to participate in the process. Now, of the agency did not complete the appropriate checks and follow up, then yes, they should be punished. But be very careful before accusing them of any misconduct. As I stated before, people will hide what they don’t want seen. For most people, it’s not anything big–we cover up blemishes, fudge a little to our spouse about the price of a purchase, tell our children their game was a “tie” when they lose. Other people have a whole dark side they keep hidden from everyone….

  2. by ciara chacon

    On August 18, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    This is so sad to hear about and read I wish they could crack down on millions of abuse cases. I just don’t see it happening soon enough. I feel the agencie should get charged for letting something like this hapeen. It is their responceability to make sure those children were going to a safe home. They did not do their job and courts should make sure this stops happening. Thses children are now scared for life and no one can turn the time back and take back this nightmare these children went through. sending these men to jail for a long time wont help soon as they are out of jail they will do it again . Jail is just a slap on the hand they get a free roof and food in there bellies. As for the children when they get older they will just fear these monsters will come get them soon as they are outof prison. I will pray for the children to heal and have no fear. I will also pray these men get help and pay for what they have done. I wish they could go to schools and speak out loud for their actions and to warn people of men like them and what monsters they are. Hideing in a jail cell isnt punishment.

  3. by John

    On August 25, 2012 at 8:00 am

    I agree with everyone that these agencies be held accountable for putting babies under the care of perverted people. They should be given at least half the sentence for what ever it is so that next time they will make sure that these children are not put into places of torment. It is like saying that these people that allow others to do this is part of the crime. This might be true in certain circumstances. I remember one time this fella told me that his kids were taken away from him for no reason and that they were placed into a home near him and he found out later that the person that got his kids was friends of a social worker and they were taking kids for their own financial gain by getting paid to keep foster kids. Money in their pockets?

  4. by Claudia

    On September 5, 2012 at 7:08 am

    Well… I think the issue largely is that the caseworkers look for LEGAL proof that they are perverts and child molesters and let’s face it, in order to be a convicted felon; in order for there to be anything incriminating in your background, you have had to have been arrested, tried, and found guilty in a court of law. 95% of the pedophiles and rapists out there have never been caught. SO, how are they to know?
    My step-mother (who is now dead) and father adopted 2 little girls out of foster care. She spoiled and over-indulged the one, but couldn’t stand the other. She was verbally and emotionally incredibly abusive to her and today she has a lot of issues. They both do because of that woman. Even my father was relieved to watch her suffer and die from cancer. She was what most people would say was an evil woman. BUT she could be nice when she wanted to be. When it served her purpose. Sometimes evil is carefully concealed. We as a family did we could to help the situation, but our hands were tied. Those girls did find help. Through you. You had your eyes open and saw something wrong. Maybe it’s not up to the caseworkers and government to go in and schedule a visit so the evil people can be prepared and on their best behavior. Maybe it’s up to us, who see the truth and act.The government can’t do everything. Maybe we need to stop looking to Big Brother and expect them to run our lives for us and come up with all of the answers. Maybe WE need to do something.

  5. by JEN

    On September 11, 2012 at 3:07 am

    my god i only pray these children be loved after this horror. I do feel the social workers should be speaking to children alone and doing all follow up visits i dont care if its evasive these are defenseless babies. yes . the agencies should be held accountable as well. Alot of times pervs like to get work at schools or closely with children but now they can just adopt little sex slaves. this angers me so much because its usually a sick cycle of perversion. I will never understand molesting a child go pick up a prostitute thats what their there for ,if their so hard up. the psychological damage is grueling, and even tends to repeat, but all they get is a slap on the wrist. I feel this topic is alot of times brushed under the rug