Children in Chains, China’s New Child Abuse

orphans in china sex abuseLast month in a shocking expose extensively reported in China Daily, the daily newspaper launched reports and undercover photographs  of orphans chained up in a government-run welfare institute in Wenzhou (Cangnan county) which has shocked and horrified readers all across Asia. In the last accounts, the newspaper noted  “Experts said a lack of professional nursing staff was the main reason the children were chained and said such cases occurred at welfare institutes across China.”

Other child care professionals commented that the “tie-up” is widely accepted. This welfare institute housed 21 children who are now being moved elsewhere. Apparently there is no provision under Chinese law which would allow the Chinese government to bring charges of child abuse against orphanage employees that were trying to help house unwanted children overnight.

The photos depicted 2-year old Guo Qun tethered to the back of an old wooden chair by a strip of cloth around his neck. Next to him 8-year old Guo Cheng’s right foot was tied to the same chair by a chain. In comments that rocked China  authorities said staff of Cangnan County Social Welfare Institute tied up the boys due to safety concerns. “Children (of the welfare house) are only restrained when they have a twitch or a propensity to violence — they’re free for the rest of time.”

According to Wu, both the boys were born with defects and that is why they ended up in the institute. The Institute houses 21 orphans, 19 of them were born with defects. The average age is nine, poor babies. Lost souls.

Do you have fears about adopting internationally? My family is not eligible to adopt from China because we’re too old.

How about you?

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  1. by Shelly

    On October 14, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Linking to the whole story, it said that the child was chained because he was schizophrenic. How do you diagnose a 2-year-old with that? That’s poor child raising, plain & simple. He was also labeled “incontinent.” He’s 2, that means he is not to be expected t fully have control over his bladder. It doesn’t mean there’s some sort of problem with him. I hope these children are able to get the love and care they deserve rather than the sickening “care” they were subjected to.