Actress Charlize Theron Adopts a Son, Jackson

Would you adopt a child on your own if you were in your mid-thirties, single, very rich plus had your own amazing mom nearby? Actress Charlize Theron has opened up about life with adopted 6-month old son Jackson. And she said, “I feel like I can’t remember anything prior to him.”

The Oscar-winning “Monster” star became a first-time mom in March, and she chose Mother’s Day month to open up about life as a new parent.

The 36-year-old blond beauty adopted chocolate-skinned son, Jackson back in March but only recently unveiled him. Before his airport appearance, Charlize kept Jackson hidden under a blanket while she toted him around in his baby carrier. The fierce mother has reportedly stated that her African-American son was born in the USA.

Theron has been open in the past about her hopes to one day have a child.

“I always knew that I didn’t want to get married. I’ve always known that I’d be a mom from the time I was a little girl,” she told W magazine.

This is the first child for the South African-born actress, 36, who split from beau Stuart Townsend in 2010 after nine years together. We think that  giant breakup prompted a whole new chapter in her life. She told the December  issue of Vogue, “This is the first time [being single] in my life. I’ve been in relationships since I was 19 years old.”

Would you be up to adopting as a solo mom if you could afford it, just as Theron can?

Snow White and the Huntsman” hits theaters June 1. That’s one lucky little boy, no? Tell me your adoption story here.

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