Mother’s Day Gifts: Over-40 Mom Adopts from Thailand

Mom blogger and London-based writer Carole Turner-Record told me how she adopted from Thailand when she was 41 years old. At the time of the adoption, Carole already had one biological son, who was 14.

She said, “Emma was already 21 months when the international adoption became final, and my son was 14. Because Brian was so much older there was no sibling rivalry ever; they adored each other from the beginning.”

There was so little written emotionally and honestly about the process back then, that Carole wrote a book about her adoption experience (McBooks Press 1999). Available on Amazon, her case study of different adoptions back them read like a detective novel.  Carole said, “These stories are interviews with real people who chose adoption and they are still completely relevant today.  The only difference is that cell phones were not around and people had to stay at home to wait for phone calls  — this added a certain amount more tension to the process.”

Carole said, “I wrote the book because I have a biological son and an adopted daughter and I wanted people to understand that you love them equally.  I also wanted people to witness the journeys taken by parents who created their families through adoption. The biggest challenge was the snail pace of Thai bureaucracy during those years.

We chose to adopt from Thailand because we became friendly with a business colleague of my husband’s who had adopted twin girls from Thailand.  We were in a second marriage and hadn’t planned to have a child together, but fell under the spell of those twin girls!

The best part of adoption was realizing that I loved both of my children absolutely equal. Today, I  am just as proud of Emma’s accomplishments as I am of Brian’s. That was the main reason why I decided to write my book, and why I blog about adoption still. I wanted potential adoptive parents to know that you could love an adopted child just the same as you could love a birth child.  I think that message comes across  loud and clear.”

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