Happy Mother’s Day to Me and You

international adoptionThis is a bittersweet holiday for prospective parents who’ve been counting the days, weeks and months before an adoption becomes final and you have a little one in your house. In our house, we already have our jubilant bio son, Sam, and two rescue dogs we’ve adopted with full hearts, through the years.

Of course what we were really counting on in 2012 has not happened yet — an international adoption of an Indian daughter who is a toddler. To initiate the international Home Study, we need to spend about $15,000 with the agency highly recommended who specializes in international adoptions in India. We are still scraping adequate cash together, and weighing our adoption options.

It feels like we have to buy a baby if we go international…

Another option is to still move forward with a much less expensive foster care program in LA County, where we can foster to adopt someday. But we attended several foster care sessions and my husband and I were terrified by some of the scary stats pn child abuse, family disruptions, emotional problems with so many toddlers in the foster care system. So we sort of put ourselves on adoption hold at the end of this year.

Still, come Mother’s Day, I celebrate every second I have with my now 6-year-old Sam. I’ve been lucky to be healthy and pregnant, I felt blessed to have experienced such an easy labor and delivery, and my son has barely been sick a day in his life. Sam (shown here with me as a baby, my adorable smart sweet baby!) is the best thing that ever happened to me. I know, you too.

But we’re hoping by next Mother’s Day, we may have another baby to celebrate. She will have dark skin, and jet-black hair and I look forward to meeting her before too long. As soon as we think we can afford to start, we’ll get into this international Home Study and start an expensive international adoption. Until then, tell me your inspiring adoption or Mother’s Day story here!

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