South Carolina Adoptive Mom Gets Baby #2 Fast!

Part 2: Here’s the  heartwarming finale from Valarie J. from South Carolina, who adopted baby son Mason  (photographed below) with little turmoil and an excellent legal team. But when baby number two comes up in a private and open adoption, this birth mom changes her mind. Nightmare!

domestic provate adoptionAfter adopting her beautiful child Mason (photographed here, nearly five years old),  via private, open adoption, Valarie and her family thought going through adoption number two would follow the simple, step-by-step legal procedures she told us about on Wednesday — no such luck!

Valarie said from the very beginning, “This second adoption was a shock. We looked at adopting through the state and we had started the classes in the spring of 2011. My husband had to go away for professional business training and we put the adoption on hold for a couple months.

Just a week or so later, on September 28, 2011, my son and I were going to the movies when I got a phone call, but did not recognize the number. I had a mother’s intuition and picked up the phone anyway… Glad I did.

It was our adoption paralegal saying, ‘We have a 2-day old baby girl who needs a home. She is about to be discharged from the hospital, are you interested?’”

Valarie remembered, “I was confused, bewildered, scared because I knew this is what we wanted, but I did not think we were adequately prepared. I called my husband from the theater and we discussed everything with him, while Mason was tugging at my leg begging for popcorn and drinks. LOL.”

At 5:00 that evening, Valarie drove to her attorney’s office, and met the birth mother and the birth mother’s family. Valarie said, “The crazy thing about this story is the birth mother remembered me from the high school where I taught.  She told me that she always wanted to be in my class, and I was very nice,” she said.

Mason was already a happy product of Valarie’s open, private adoption too. He set the bar high.

“We were so excited to have a baby girl in the house, but the next day I got a phone call from the paralegal. The birth mom had doubts about giving the baby up and wanted her back asap. We were devastated. After a lot of talking and exchanging notes, we came up with the conclusion that her family was pressuring her to raise the baby as her own.”

After one month of back-and-forth, birth mother finally left the picture. “The week before we finalized our adoption, the birth mother  sent the attorney an email asking us for pictures. We were so very happy that was all the broth mother wanted from us!  This February 3, we finalized our adoption of a beautiful baby girl, Ava, who’s now over six months,” Valarie remembered.

Hurray, two more beloved kids in the world!  We know that Mason and Ava feel lucky too. Thanks for sharing, Valarie from South Carolina!

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