Pool Safety for Summer

As a mom blogger who’s passionate about child health and safety, I’ll occasionally veer off-topic here. Today is one of those days.

When my bio son Sam was four years old, we actually rented a sexy little guest house near the Hollywood Hills. It had an unfenced pool in the backyard and our 3-year-old Sam was fascinated by the turquoise pools from early on.

We taught him to swim with some level of panic that whole summer. It was half enjoyable and half terrifying the entire season.

Our small family lasted a year on that house because even after inserting childproof locks on doors and windows, keeping a childproof cover on the pool all winter long, and then training our dog to follow Sam around the perimeter and bark to alert us, we still could not rest. For a whole year! We moved in large part because of that pool, and a couple of my mom friends would literally shudder when they sat finally at the end of our luxurious kidney-shaped behemoth pool on wilting summer afternoons.

And they also imagined their kids floating weightlessly at the bottom.

We now live landlocked in the San Fernando Valley and belong to a local pool club two months of the year. Perf.

This summer, the average number of children to die from drowning is nearly 200 across the United States, most between May 31 and September 6th, according to research.

Here are two summer safety gadgets all parents can love:

A waterproof BrickHouse Swimming Pool Alarm will not only alert you to your child’s location but can also help deter potential danger from drowning. It instantly alerts you if your child (or even your pet!) is ever submerged. It’s totally portable, so it’s perfect for home use or travel.
Poolside, at the playground, airport, mall or in any unfamiliar surroundings, you need to be sure your little ones stay where you can keep track.

Toddler Tags help you locate kids in a mall or pool crowd for up to 150 feet. The wireless device, which includes a transmitter and receiver, immediately notifies parents whenever their child wanders more than 10 yards away from them with a series of soft beeps. Parents can press a button on their transmitter and the child’s tag sounds a high-decibel alarm so you can locate him in seconds.
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