Do Celebrities Get Special Treatment with Adoption?

Adoption Fever is grabbing more celebrities than ever before. Or is it that we’re just noticing a lot more often these days? Anything that publicizes adopting orphaned or homeless children from war-torn, impoverished countries is worth writing about. I celebrate you, Angelina Jolie.

The newest Hollywood celeb to adopt a child is Charlize Theron. The 36-year-old South African beauty’s new son Jackson was reportedly born in the U.S.  Another recent adoption is actress Connie Britton, 45, co-star of The American Horror Story. She just adopted a transracial son from Ethiopia.  Mary Louise Parker, 47, also adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, named Caroline, in 2007. Another recent adoption, of course, is Mariska Gargitay. In the span of six months, Hargitay and her husband, actor Peter Hermann, adopted a 13-month old daughter and then a son right

Celebrity adoptions, most especially transracial adoptions such as Sandra Bullock’s and Madonna’s make publicity waves because the public questions if these superstar adults get special treatment in adoption because of who they are, and how much money they can afford to donate to adoption causes that may (may!) pave the way to a more efficient streamlined adoption. While the rest of us poorer sweat it out for a few more years?

Who cares if Hollywood celebs receive any special treatment if they are helping poor countries in a macro kind of way! So what if Madonna got a green light to adopt two penniless, uneducated children from Malawi? She also funneled millions to local schools and drew worldwide attention to the plight of these poor, malnourished kids. Good for her, at least she did something about it.

Ann Reese, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Adoption Policy, has stated on the record, she doesn’t believe celebrities receive any special treatment when it comes to adoption.

“We see no evidence that the adoption process is easier for celebrities,” Reese said. “Successful celebrity adoption is a good thing, because we think that adoption should be a viable method of forming families,” she said. “The more positive media coverage there is of families formed through adoption, the better chance that children in need of parents will find them.”

Do you think Hollywood A-listers have an edge up on adoption because they’re famous or super-wealthy?

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