Follow Up: 3 Adopted Kids Raped, Abused by New Father

Sometimes a single blog on The Adoption Diaries raises such a fuss, issues such a stream of rage and outcry that I may revisit it. A couple weeks ago I found a short item from Ohio about a new adoptive father that not only raped his three new children (two boys and a girl ages 9 until 13). This  official unholy monster  also prostituted the children to several male friends. Read about it here. Well, so many dozens of you wrote in and wanted him dead and prosecuted.

So many of your readers were equally as violent in your responses that I could not print your rage and anger. It was very upsetting, actually. This horrible man is going to court next week on charged that will likely keep him in prison for the rest of his life; the  two other men who raped those kids have now also been arrested. The three kids have been returned to that state’s foster care system where they hopefully can heal under a more careful and watchful eye! But could that happen again? Folks, it happens every day in the foster care system!

To counteract that post, reader Dawn had this to say. She is one mother who is absolutely outraged:

She wrote, “There are so many happy and beautiful stories of adoption to be told, but this tale is NOT about adoption. It is about a predator.  Adoptive parent screening is very extensive.  I am an adoptive mother and can attest to the scrutiny and examination that we all go through. So sad for these children who were already failed and have endured further trauma. This is the exception, NOT the rule.  The screening process may not be perfect, but I would love to compare it to that of parents who conceive children. Yeah…that is non-existent.

Dawn also questioned, “Who is testing this adoptive family? Who is screened, tested, interviewed or trained safefully prior to becoming parents?  Just a little balance for this awful and tragic story.  Please do not focus on the wrong element. Bad parents are bad parents. Most all children who are in protective custody or waiting for forever loving foster/adoptive families did not arrive there because of abuse at the hands of an adoptive parent.”

Thanks for responding in such a healthy and balanced way, Dawn. You also helped my mood and my emotions! Tune in on Friday.

Happy Earth Day, moms and dads!

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  1. by Koatz

    On April 29, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Perhaps we, as a country, should be addressing the issues that result in the children having to be adopted. Granted, some issues cannot be resolved, like the death of a parent(s), but the majority of orphans seem to be self-created by a society that no longer values the importance of biological, two-parent households.
    Until “we” decide that we’re neither going to accept nor reward people/laws/institutions that tear apart and destroy families – VAWA is one of them – we should steal ourselves for more outrageous incidents like the one reported in this story.
    VAWA has done more to undermine the family unit, and destroy America, than any other law. It is an unchecked intrusion into the homes of American families, and until it is revised, it will continue on its quest to destroy the United States, one family at a time.

  2. by Jenn

    On May 14, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    My huaband and I adopted a 14 year old after much screening. We have given her everything both material, time aand love. We strive to provide the best life possible for her. Therefore I was upset by this story. Our daughter is now seventeen. She suffered so much in foster care.

  3. by Ann

    On July 11, 2012 at 3:38 am

    Being a Registered Nurse and one that works with behavioral health, unfortunately this happens A LOT. I thank God for the decent human beings that adopt children and give them a good home, but unfortunately this happens a lot. Foster homes should be followed up with on a regular basis with private interviews with the children! There should also be additional education for even the smallest child regarding “personal space”.

  4. by Jamie

    On August 4, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    This story is very sad but what I didn’t see was the obvious factor–deception. Foster parents are interviewed extensively and, in Illinois anyway, require references, a physical exam, and criminal background checks. The fact of the matter is, a predator can and will hide. Look at Sandusky!! We are talking about a type of person who has leaned through years and years how to play people and say what is needed to get hat he wants. There are very few warning signs for these types of people. Mostly because the only people aware of these issues are ther victims or, in this case, people who are also participating in the illegal act. In Illinois, foster care and adoption workers are required to visit licensed homes at least once a month. They are required to talk to the children alone as well. There will always be bad apples in every bunch. Sad but true. The only thing that we should focus on and can focus on is what can we do to help. What can we change in the system to make it more stringent? All issues we as a child welfare system struggle to balance every day…

  5. by Lynn

    On August 12, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    There is an organization that does a great job of protecting kids in the foster care system. It is called CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates. It is made up of volunteers from across the U.S.A. of regular people like you and me who just want to be there for kids so they don’t “fall through the cracks in the system”.

    Here is the website, I encourage everyone who reads this article to check it out and become a CASA volunteer for your city/county:

    Make a real difference in a foster child’s life! (And yes, CASA screens its volunteers!)

  6. by CarmenSo

    On August 16, 2012 at 6:38 am

    I am not sure how more screening would help. Its not like the guy would have come out and said hey I plan on raping them. The only thing I could think they could do is take his computer and search it for child porn

  7. by Jayme Talson

    On August 16, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Nothing short of horrid. We use to be told about the monsters under our beds when we were young. Sometimes i wonder if they really are real? Monsters everywhere. Sad sad sad.

  8. by Kasandra

    On September 12, 2012 at 2:20 am

    My initial reaction when reading this was to personally hurt the man who did to them. Setting aside my anger, I started trying to figure out how something like this could have been caught sooner… Honestly, people are going to slip through the adoption process, its sad but true. But I think what NEEDS to be changed, that CAN be changed, is what made those boys never speak up in the first place. THEY WERE AFRAID THEY’D GET SEPARATED FROM THEIR SIBLINGS. I, too, had a traumatizing childhood, and kept many secrets bc I too was afraid of ending up in foster care and not ever see or know if my 3 siblings were ok. For foster care to be an option in the first place, there has already been a lack of love, and all things good, and a lot of pain, turmoil, and suffering. Siblings give each other strength and hope, they are the only “good” in each others lives. I think when kids do go into foster care, they NEED to know that no matter what, or where they go, they go as A FAMILY, AS A TEAM, ALTOGETHER. Maybe if these kids had that chance, they wouldn’t have sacraficed themselves to that monster. It breaks my heart… I understandd it would be more difficult to find homes sometimes with higher number of siblings, but our country wastes millions on b.s. nonsense, if there isa will there is a way, and something needs to happen, our children are our future… We need to start investing more into them instead of ourselves (generally speaking…)…