IPhone App that May Prevent Sex Abuse in Kids, Teens

Co-creator Nancy Schwartzman was, in fact, a victim of sexual abuse when she was young, and she is hyper-aware of the very real threats to safety that result in 1 of 4 college-age women reporting sexual assault.  A fierce advocate for social change, Nancy recently served as the Campaign & Advocacy Director for the Sundance award-winning documentary, The Invisible War, about rape in the military. She published op-eds about local NYC sexual violence, is an active member of the feminist community, and has participated in many initiatives, panels, and events.

Schwartzman says this app is just one tool available for young folks that offers support rather than victim-blaming and scare tactics.

Throughout Nancy’s work as a filmmaker and founder of The Line Campaign –  a non-profit that creates media to empower young leaders to end sexual violence — she is very savvy about ways to engage young people with tools, stories, and solutions. Her sex-positive approach to violence prevention has been very successful in her work with college students around the country, too.

Always solutions-oriented, Nancy’s work in conferences, workshops, and online campaigns (@thelinecampaign) taps into young people’s enthusiasm for technology and multimedia avenues of engagement that allows them to share their stories, explore the very personal ways they choose to experience sex and love (and how best to communicate their boundaries to their partners), and to feel the support of the community around the Circle of 6 iPhone app!

She drew from dozens of candid conversations with students across the country on how consent, dating culture, and rape affect their lives and what strategies have proven most effective in preventing violence, including leveraging existing social networks. Try her app!

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