Adopting a Pet? A Great Precursor to Adopting a New Child

Okay, okay, okay, comparing my family’s quest to adopting a new baby from a foreign country to rescuing a mutt here in the United States is nonsensical and insensitive.

You’re right! I didn’t expect to hear from so many adopted adults who did not appreciate being compared to a mutt from the pound. I stand corrected, and I am sorry.

To all the dog rescue folks out there who are also adopted, this is a serious question: Don’t you think that caring and nurturing for a new and demanding pet is a great first step in preparation to a larger family? It taps into your own ability to think about someone or something besides yourself.

My prospective adoptive family has, indeed, adopted a second dog to see how much more work it is for us than only one dog. Why can’t we do that with a child too?

When I was single then newly married and it was only the two of us (only me and Darrin) we had total freedom to be, do and go where we wanted. Then came our pets (rescue dogs) and we began to learn about unselfish choices, staying home more, considering their needs along with our own… this is a valid argument!

Another valid argument: Many people who don’t want or even enjoy children can adopt and rescue animals and yet still treat them like bonafide offspring! From dressing them up to feeding them in monogrammed bowls and going on play dates, some adults treat their pets like adopted children. Isn’t that wonderful for their pets and also for the grown-ups?

Any act of kindness that allows you to grow as a human being has to be good for the planet and for all adoptees, too. (Human, canine, vegetal!) That’s what I’m getting at here.

Isn’t adopting a rescue dog (or cat or two!) a fantastic barometer of how you will be/act/mediate as an adopted parent? I am serious on this one…

Tell me what you think about adopting a dog to try out a new role as parent (before you can adopt a child!). I want to know your thoughts: Isn’t adopting a cat or dog a great precursor to adopting a child?

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  1. by magicpointeshoe

    On July 5, 2011 at 9:41 am

    There are a few troubling spots to this blog entry. For example, the hyperlink to the so many adopted adults goes to a completely unrelated article.

    Also, while your apology was going well, you followed with the word “but…” which negates everything said before which leaves readers wondering if you were sorry at all.

    Furthermore, the remainder and majority of your article further adds salt into the wound of comparing human adoption to pet adoption.

    =o/ I don’t understand why the adoption blog would be written by someone who in every article writes about how they don’t really want to adopt.