Adoption Experts Tend to Have Many Children

As you start doing your personal research, you read books, surf the blogs (thanks for coming!), and come to find that many such “adoption experts” became experts because they did it so many times. I’ve read about one family with 12 adoptees, another with 19. One mother said she wasn’t an expert in the process until after her eighth imported child!

Don’t forget Republican Michelle Bachmann, who was once considering running for President in the next election. She went on record saying she’s had 23 adopted/foster kids.

One thing is for sure: Every adoption journey is a completely unique experience but it sure doesn’t hurt to grab tips from the pros! The only thing for which I hold the “pro” title is for my son, Sam.

I can tell within a millisecond of his peripheral glance, exactly how he’s feeling, and why. Sam is five years old and without expertise guidance from my husband and friends that kid would still be in diapers, sucking noisily on his right thumb.

My only advice for adopting a child into your family is to be open to nearly anything happening. I figure, at the end of the bumpy roller coaster ride, you might deserve inherit a child or two (or 19!). Maybe it’s better to try hard rather than not try at all?

No matter what stage adoption you’re engaged in, here is my favorite adoption tip from the real experts:

Prepare for a bumpy ride. “I would just say that all the previous disappointments, tears and agonizingly long waits are so worth it once you hold your precious child.”

Make one crucial decision in the beginning: Do you lean towards domestic adoption or international adoption? And realize these pros and cons.

Don’t drive yourself mad with subject saturation. Too many would-be parents absorb daunting and grossly outdated advice. Adoption legislation happens quickly; so don’t invest too many emotions in stats buried six months ago!

Psst: What are you an expert in this month? Anything to help other potential adoptive parents out there?

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  1. by Ellen - To The Max

    On July 7, 2011 at 9:41 am

    I am always amazed by the parents out there who do multiple adoptions. And by the parents who adopt children with special needs. A mom who did so once took offense when I told her how amazing it was that she’d adopted a child with special needs. She did not think she’d done anything saint-like. I, for one, am not sure I would have chosen this journey, given the chance.

  2. by Chad Bergfield

    On November 19, 2011 at 3:24 am

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