Private Domestic Adoption Mimics Baby Selling?

Since I’ve been hosting these Adoption Diaries for, and filling you in on my family’s decision to adopt a daughter from India or another poverty-stricken country to help an orphan child.

But since I’ve been writing this column three days a week, for a year now, I’ve fielded many questions from outraged readers when I discuss how much money it costs to adopt a healthy white baby from Russia, for instance, (about $70,000) versus adopting an older toddler from India who may have a mild special needs case, such as a cleft lip which can be fixed with surgery.

Approximate cost of a 2-year wait for a Special Needs kid is less than $25,000 everything included. Does that sound like a monetary judgement to children? If you think about it in a level-headed way, which is hard to do with adoption, maybe sometimes it’s OK to buy a baby if someone wants to sell her?

Here’s a story about a high-priced adoption attorney in my home town of Los Angeles, who filed phony broth certificates and health insurance forms for bilking a dozen adoptive couples out of at least $100,000 each to buy a healthy newborn.

Based on legislation preventing attorney Theresa Erickson [photographed above] to pay young surrogate mothers to carry embryos to term so she could sell the implanted babies to the highest bidders. Erickson attested that the surrogate mothers were paid up to $45,000 each to give birth. Two of her co-dependents have already pleaded guilty.

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This is how badly people want a baby when they cannot have one of their own. Parents get desperate, but is somehow seems unholy to cold-bloodedly generate healthy white newborns from young blond mothers when there are over 500,000 older toddlers and children in the foster care system.

What do you think of an attorney who found loopholes in the California legal system in order to pay women to give birth and then sell those newborns to wealthy parents in Southern California who paid on average $100,000.

How much jail time does this adoption attorney deserve in jail? Just for her one count of mail fraud, she may receive five years. Tell me your adoption story here!

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  1. by Sandy Robinson

    On March 15, 2012 at 9:52 am

    “but is somehow seems unholy to cold-bloodedly generate healthy white newborns from young blond mothers when there are over 500,000 older toddlers and children in the foster care system”

    I agree whole-heartedly with the idea that this is wrong, to breed women to birth babies just for adoption and to make money. However, the above quoted statement makes it seem as though parents who want to adopt a baby are wrong somehow because of all of the children in foster care. There are many children in foster care. Most are NOT toddlers and if they are, they are special needs. I admire those people who are willing to take on the challenges present in adopting a child through foster care. But, you can not discount a persons desire to have a healthy baby that they raise from birth (or shortly after). Women who can’t have children naturally want to experience as much of parenting as possible. Many aren’t ready to jump into parenting a 4 year old who has a behavior disorder as a result from the abuse they suffered at the hands of their biological parent. I absolutely despise the fact that everyone’s first response to someone who can’t have children is “There are so many needy kids in foster care”. It is very noble to take this track to achieve parenthood, but my opinion of women who want to adopt a baby is not diminished by their choice not to go the foster care route. Statements like that mentioned in this article are insulting to women and men who have not been able to conceive naturally. Only people who sit on their high horse of moral superiority and those who have had their own biological children could say something so hurtful.