Part 2: Successful International Adoption from Ethiopia!

On Wednesday, Marni and Joe from Philadelphia told us how they adopted Remy in Ethiopia, and how it took about two years too long.

Marni and Joe had spent some time in Africa and always felt an emotional tie to that continent, and that swayed their decision to adopt their daughter from Ethiopia.

After 26 months of immigration paperwork, home study, check written, Marni said the family got to meet her once briefly. “The most challenging time was after our file was submitted to the US Embassy for final approval and clearance,” Marni said. “We had already met and fallen in love with Remy on our first trip to Ethiopia, and she was deemed to be our daughter through the court system and government of Ethiopia.

The final clearance process included some obstacles and extra steps and bigger hurdles, which was extremely frustrating: We felt like we were being kept apart from our daughter!

“We  missed the entire first year of our daughter’s  life. No fair.”

International Adoption: Missing Your Child’s Childhood

Marni said, “A few weeks or months doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme of time, but we missed the first year of our daughter’s life, and we were very anxious to have her home with us.

We felt very helpless during the final weeks before clearance, and we hope that the process is streamlined so that adoptions can move along as ethically and smoothly as possible and the orphaned children of Ethiopia can get the wonderful homes they all deserve.”

Elijah had to wait over two years to meet his own sister! She said of her daughter, “Remy is so sweet and easygoing; we are lucky that she has been so patient with her big brother during his transition from being an only child.

We have our new family traditions and routines, like reading in bed together in the morning and taking the dog out for walks, which helped form the bond. We love that our kids will always have another little person to play with.”

Thanks for sharing Marni.

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