Happy Valentine’s Day to all Adoptees and Families

This is especially for all those parents out there who need a romantic lift:

American Express’s Spending and Saving tracker releases its data on the biggest date night of the year… or not!

V-Day Dates…
Consumers expect to increase spending 8% from last year… to $196
46% intend to visit their favorite restaurants to celebrate the holiday (up from 39% last year)
More than half of consumers (54% vs. 41% in 2011) plan to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts
Most popular tokens of affection among couples:
·         flowers (29%)
·         gift cards (19%)
·         jewelry (15%)
·         electronics (13%)

Who Pays?
When unmarried folks were asked who should pay for a date…
·         58% of unmarried men identified themselves
·         Only 39% of women expect men to foot the bill
·         39% believe whoever asked for the date should pay
·         14% would split the bill

Pillow Talk?
Fifty percent waited at least six months before discussing their finances while dating.
Among married couples, 20% waited until after saying ‘I Do’ and 26% broached the subject during their engagement

What price bling?
·         48% of single consumers feel between $1,000 and $5,000 is appropriate amount for couples to spend on an engagement ring this year
·         22% citing $1,000 to $1,999 as appropriate
·         21% cited less than $500
·         5% felt shelling out $10,000 or more for the ring was most suitable…

Popping the question…
·         30% of consumers naming a weekend getaway or vacation as the best setting to pop the question, while a romantic proposal at home took second place (19%).
·         Four million plan to get engaged on February 14

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