Parents of Adopted African Kids Speak Out

The world’s fastest-growing platform for social change, sent this to me, and I was amazed at the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Congo.

Parents of adopted Congolese children have even  joined a campaign on created by Congo native Delly Mawazo Sesete asking Apple CEO Tim Cook to create an iPhone using conflict-free minerals from the Congo.

The campaign was launched by Delly, a Congolese activist and attorney fighting human rights abuses in the mining industry despite violence and death threats.

“My son is Congolese,” writes Melanie White, who joined Delly’s campaign on “We have a moral obligation not to contribute to the causes of war and rape in Democratic Republic of the Congo. No more rapes. No more conflict minerals. No more war orphans.

“Those of us who use Apple products already pay more for them because we believe in their value. I will gladly pay the extra cost of knowing that Apple’s supply chain is ethically sourced. Please do the right thing for the people of Congo.”

Another parent who joined Delly’s campaign, Sarah Schumann, writes, “My adopted son was born in the Congo and it’s important that his country and culture of origin be recognized for the rich and beautiful place it is!”

More than 14,000 people have signed Delly’s online petition demanding Apple commit to creating a conflict-free iPhone using Congolese materials by 2013 –and with each signature, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gets an email in his inbox asking him to make a conflict-free iPhone.

Will you join the campaign? Have you considered adopting from an African country like the Congo?


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