Adoptive Parents Embracing Technology to Build Families

I received emails from moms wondering why my family is simultaneously looking internationally to adopt from India and also to adopt from a foster care situation domestically…  to hedge my adoption bets. Here’s the truth: Holding out for international adoption costs a lot of money that my family doesn’t have right now. So I’m basically trying to strengthen my odds by investigating both international and national adoption advantages. In researching the topic, I also discovered that many wanna-be parents spent at least two hours online a day for adoption research!

In fact, a recent survey of adoptive parents illustrates how today’s adoptive parents are using online technology as a core tool in their journey to parenthood, which is in turn changing the domestic adoption industry.  From extensive online research to navigating relationships on Facebook, technology has become a significant force in reshaping the process of adopting in the United States. Other findings:

•    More than 90 percent of potential adoptive adults under age 44 report they are networking, marketing themselves and researching adoption online.

•    These younger parents’ online activity stands in stark contrast to parents over age 45, where less than half say they did any online research or networking prior to adopting.

•    Two-thirds of those aged 25-34 in the survey are spending more than two hours a day researching adoption online. (One-third of this particular group says they spend closer to four hours per day online!)

•    Today’s adoptive parents are increasingly turning to more than one adoption agency to help them in their search: More than 44 percent of survey respondents under age 44 reported working with two or more adoption agencies, versus fewer than a quarter of those over age 55.

Note: Research was conducted in late February and early March 2011.

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