Part 2: Pregnant Bio Mom Appears on Family’s Doorstep!

If you tuned in on Wednesday you read about Jessy, 32, and her husband Dave, 35, who had nearly given up on having a baby after Jessy suffered four ectopic pregnancies that nearly killed her. Her best friend’s cousin — a young bio-mom that already had one tiny baby — found herself pregnant again and didn’t know what to do. She had no boyfriend, no job and barely had a roof over her head. And she was pregnant again!

Jessy remembered, “We were so scared of her changing her mind. Our hearts would be so broken by a failed adoption that we knew we wouldn’t be able to console our friends and stepchildren   if it fell through, so better to shock them with good news than hurt them with bad news.”

The couple joined this bio-mom for every doctor’s appointment and stayed in constant contact to support her.

Jessy said, “We fell more in love with this young lady and the baby she was carrying and in September 2008 we got the call that she was in labor and we rushed to the hospital. We were there to cut the umbilical cord and the nurse handed her right to me. Thank goodness my husband was standing right next to me because I felt my knees go weak when I held my incredible little girl in my arms for the first time!

We walked right to the nursery where they discovered our new daughter had fluid in her lungs. Our tiny new one stayed in the neonatal unit for a few weeks but she was otherwise healthy. She came home on oxygen which was scary for me as her mother but my husband, who had experienced sick babies, before was a real rock through this ordeal.”

This fortunate couple didn’t go through an agency and so the adoption adoption process took longer then usual but was much less expensive!

“We were her legal guardians within 24 hours of her birth. We had a private lawyer who didn’t charge us the outrageous fees the agencies charge. Our lawyers, Joe and Melissa, are a married couple but they are kind, caring, and truly just wanted to help us achieve the dream of being parents to this baby girl.”

Finally, Jesse said, “I don’t know if our story is that sensational but it is nothing like any other adoption story I have heard before. Our family feels like we won the biggest lottery ever. This just proves the world is a very small place and if you look closely you will find miracles happen all around you.”

Photo credit: At right is Dave and Jessy with adopted daughter Teagan. Tell me a great one of your own and have a blissful weekend.

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  1. by Jessy

    On January 20, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Nicole thank you for letting me share our story.