Part 1: Adoptive Mom Chooses Family to Parent Unborn Child

Jessy from Northglenn, Colo., recently found us at “The Adoption Diaries” and shot me this unbelievable email:

“I recently found your blog and was moved by the stories. I am an incredibly blessed adoptive mom who never thought I would be so lucky. Every night when we put our little girl to bed I have to tell her, ‘The story of the baby me’ as she calls it. I have told her this story every night for almost two years now about how her biological mother found us literally on our own doorstep. That day started the most incredible journey of our lives.”

Here it is! Jesse and Dave married in 2002 and became pregnant right away. Jessy was petrified because she’d had an ectopic pregnancy before and knew there was a chance it might happen again and her fears became horrible reality with yet another dangerous and painful ectopic pregnancy.

Jesse said, “My husband who had children from previous relationships was upset by the loss, but I think what affected him more was my pain. The physical pain was hard but the emotional was more then anyone should have to endure. We tried for a couple more years and at 28, I needed a hysterectomy. Devastating. I had four ectopic pregnancies, and two nearly killed me.”

Jesse also had great support. “My best friend Amy talked to her sister-in-law Denise about me because Denise and her husband were having similar difficulties. One day Denise called  and asked if we were be interested in adoption. Denise explained that her cousin was pregnant and couldn’t keep the baby and was looking for a family to adopt. I was speechless and when I hung up the phone.”

Less then a week later, the pregnant and jobless mother literally appeared on their doorstep.

“She already had one very young baby cradled in her arms and was nervous and shaking. The bio-mom explained that with the baby she was carrying she knew she couldn’t keep both, and wanted to avoid an abortion. We talked and she asked if we wanted to adopt her baby. Dave and I looked at each other and without any hesitation or discussion and said YES!”

At the time, the bio mom was 22 years old and three months pregnant with a very tough life and zero family support and one very young baby, to boot. Jesse was almost 32 and Dave was 35. Their lives were about to unfold dramatically!

Tune in on Friday to go through the tumultuous back and forth as the bio-mom comes to terms with giving up her unborn baby.

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