Part 2: Racial Differences Embraced in Transracial Adoption

Part 2: On Wednesday, we heard from outspoken adoption advocate Rachel about her family’s adoption of two African-American daughters, Ella, 3, and Emery, 1. Like Rachel, I’ve heard many people say “Race doesn’t matter” or “I teach my kids to be color blind.”

But when you are really in the middle (like I am right now!) of it you quickly realize that’s simply not how the brutal world works.

This beautiful family waited 14 months for their first child because they were only open to a white, healthy child. A few months after they “changed our openness,” the couple was painting their kitchen one Saturday and received The Call. They headed out of state to meet their newborn daughter.

Then when Ella was two, they did it all over again!  The day after their second homestudy was complete, they got a quickie call about a newborn daughter. It certainly pays to be open to transracial adoption!

Rachel says it best below after two successful and joyful transracial adoptions:

“My family is transracial and we are proud of it. There’s plenty of prejudice in society against people of color. What a disservice to all families by not teaching your children about race.

I think people are scared to approach the subject with their kids because they don’t know what to say or how to say it.”

Open Adoption blogger Rachel also suggests:

  • Download books on race from the library and read together.
  • Celebrate a race-specific holiday (Chinese New Year, for example).
  • Go to a festival or museum that highlights a specific culture.

We do a lot to affirm our childrens’ racial identity. We buy African American Christmas decor, art, and toys. We take them to visit their birth families. Our kids are not only another race, but they are adopted! However, we wake up every morning just like every other family and get ready for the day.”

In closing, Rachel made me cry. She said, “It’s my honor to do these things for my children.”

Send me your happy adoption story today. And thanks to Rachel for being such an outspoken advocate for domestic and open adoptions of any kind!

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