Adopting a New Daughter Over the Holidays

Anyone who has ever been touched by adoption must ask themselves during the holidays, “How can I help other children find their forever families?”

This holiday season, I want to give each person reading  the opportunity to answer the call to help orphaned children. And orphan dogs. I think they go best served up together, kids and dogs. Dogs and kids.

One of my favorite international adoption sites offers happy successful adoption stories all year round, but specializes in placing older children, sibling groups and special needs kids who may need extra care from their new families.

Personal adoption stories like theirs touch families everywhere, inspiring people to move forward with forming their family through adoption. Be a part of this initiative and give hope to children everywhere.

While my family is still in the pre-adoption phase, we’ve narrowed the search down to foster-to-adopt programs locally in Los Angeles, and we are beginning the final 24 hours of parental adoption training in early January.

We have tapped an international adoption agency we really like and also trust to potentially adopt a young daughter from India. Unfortunately, we cannot afford that option this year. Santa didn’t exactly stuff my stocking with fivers… and you must plunk down $15,000 just to get the adoption ball rolling with that agency!

I ask you, for just a moment this holiday, send out blessings and good vibrations to a poor kid who needs a dose of Santa right around now. Or a healthy dose of a mom or dad.
I’d like to share our family’s gratitude that we were able to save another rescue dog this blessed season. She was going to be euthanized at the Downey high-kill shelter, Calif.

dog adoption, dog rescueOur new beloved daughter (and doggie sister for my biological Sam) is a new 100-pound Great Dane mix named Bette Davis.

A real Hollywood looker but with an edge — just like her celeb namesake. And yes, she is going to get much bigger!

Have a safe holiday. Merry Christmas and tell me your happy holiday adoption story or tidbit here for 2012. Merry everything!

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