Adoption Bloggers Unite: “All I Want for Christmas”

I want an innocent adoptive daughter singing Christmas carols and tottering around the house in my silver stilettos,

Two sugary mouths sucking on candy canes while we decorate the tree that is much too big for our playroom,

An extra set of dark and expectant eyes galloping down the stairs to see what Santa brought,

(Instead of the toyshop we make purchases via  laptop.)

I want one disadvantaged daughter to be able celebrate any holiday safely without fear or instability,

I want a husband who stays healthy and loyal and charming all year long,

I also want one gloriously joyful son who still thinks mommy is a goddess. (I am.)

PS: I also want peace, love and a great dental plan (if you are listening Santa!)

Drumroll, please.
Well, she is not the daughter I imagined but she is kind and happy and pinkish.

Less than a year old and rescued  just in time for Christmas.

You cannot just give them back when they grow too big or act too destructively.

We are in it for the long haul — kids and dogs.

This new rescue dog daughter has four paws but she’s as loving as any I’ve known.

Merry Christmas, Bette Davis, welcome home to our new daughter!

Sometimes the best adoption posts have a happy simple ending and this is nearly the way we are going too end 2011: up one dog and waiting for the kid. Stay tuned in 2012!

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