I Love Being a Mom… but I am Exhausted!

Aren’t you? If you tuned in on Friday, you know that my family is pretty stressed with all the holiday travel (flying back east from Los Angeles is tops on my stress-out list), and finally filling out foster care paperwork and preparing for our initial 24 hours of foster care training through the County of Los Angeles. It starts in early January.

My husband and I have to do 24 hours of foster care (to adopt) training on consecutive Thursday nights for six weeks. Another stress-out for me (besides shopping and planning for Santa!) is finding a babysitter who can sit with our bio son Sam from 6 – 10 pm every Thursday in January and part of February so Darrin and I can train during these intensive foster events.

I also work from home, volunteer on Mondays at my son’s school, do rescue dog training twice a month, and teach 2-3 fitness classes each week. Did I mention I work and try to stay married too?

In exasperation, I tapped author and registered dietitian Ashley Koff, co-author with Kathy Kaehler of the fabulous new book Mom Energy: Live Life Fully Charged. They provided great ways to sidestep stress on Monday but now these savvy moms urged me to find my primary “energy thief” during the day. Great advice for all parents everywhere!

Ashley said, “You try hard to keep jugging all the balls up in the air but your juggling leaves you exhausted emotionally and physically. Despite knowing what’s best for you deep down, you struggle with gaining control and what’s important in your life. You must start limiting the things that decrease your energy on a daily basis.”

Excellent time management will change my energy life, she says. Try these steps too:

  1. Make to-do lists and prioritize your life.
  2. Don’t skip meals or start any kind of crash diet if you’re exhausted; it’ll make your energy drain even worse.
  3. Exercise and stretch regularly to jumpstart stamina — this can mean only 20 minutes most days of the week!
  4. Ask for help and use family charts to organize your whole life.
  5. Create healthy routines and stick to your schedule.
  6. Don’t OD on caffeine and sugary sodas; these are quick fixes that hurt your body in the long run. (Although a cup or two of coffee each day is fine!)
  7. Finally, see your doctor to rule out hormonal shifts or other conditions that may affect your overall energy level.

Thanks Ashley and Kathy! Please tell me your adoption story or foster care wishes here, and have a blessed holiday.

Photo credit at fun book party: Adam Southard of AES PhotoLA

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